Tree Hopping - The Beat Band

The Beat Band Cover Art

Gabriel Berrios is Tree Hopping. He is also one third of former GNC Live Musical Guests Totally Nebular. You will certainly recognize elements of TN's sound in Tree Hopping's latest release, The Beat Band. It's full of syncopated drum patterns and African-scented guitar lines anchored by deep, fuzzed out synth bass. In addition to shouting out international crate diggers Global Groove, Gabriel describes his process briefly:
The music in "The Beat Band", except for the vocals, is completely made out of loops, either played or sampled from music. I looped guitar, drums, keyboards, and percussion for the majority of the tracks but also included samples in every song. I did this partly to blur the line between the music that influences me and the music I was making.
That statement's emphasis on looping belies the organic nature of all the music on The Beat Band. It's lead by sometimes desperate yelping vocals and highly human percussion that sounds like a lot of objects hitting a lot of other objects. This album is about moving air around. Great stuff.

And there is still more music to be mined from the members of Totally Nebular. Weston "haha" Mansfield has another project that goes by God Boat (you can grab some mp3s of newer songs from this developing project over at Hear Hums' site); and Forest Clay seems to be how Eddie Roqueta spends his free time.