Ready for Prime Time?!

Hi all.

The picture above is a re-enactment of the moment that WMNF Program Director Randy Wynne, played by Jack's Dad from Lost, told Alastair, played by Michelle Rodriguez from Avatar, that Grand National Championships would be moving to Wednesdays from 8 to 10pm, starting on January 19th. This is a big deal for us. We began many a year ago, when Mother Gaia was still cooling from her tumultuous pubescence, in the early dawn hours. Slowly, we worked our way backward through the night, manning the boards during the overnight shift and befriending many a creepy lurker throughout our listening area.

In our current time slot, we straddle the threshold of today and tomorrow, but come January, we'll have a brand new set of challenges. Chief among these is a whole mess more of potential listeners, not ready to go to sleep yet, and tuned in with much keener and discerning ears. That means stepping up content. The show won't be changing, but maybe becoming a little more like itself. We're going to runs things the same way, but getting a few extra hands behind the scenes, so that certain aspects of the show that we enjoy can be executed more easily. We're also going to feature more frequent live musical guests. As we speak, we're arranging sessions with:
...and more are soon to be announced. We'll also be having more in studio guests: old friends, new friends, and also people onto whom we wish to force our friendship.

The GNC Podcast will still be the same, scrubbed of all objectionable material, copyright-wise. Part of our behind-the-scenes overhaul will be making sure that the podcasts are updated in a timely manner, with some occasional bonus content thrown in. Also, we've gotten a slightly shorter email address that you can use, if it's absolutely killing you to type our long-ass URL one damned time into your contacts. Do people even type anymore? We have a houseboy for that. Anyway, it's us@thegncshow.com. Flows a little nicer, innit? We'll keep the old one too, because it's already paid for...and we're hoarders.

I think that's all for now. Thank you VERY much for sticking with us this long. Don't think we don't appreciate every person who gets it. I hope this move makes the show better for you.

Alastair, Jerrad, and Corin
Grand National Championships