12.20.2010 - The GNC Top 25

Well, it's that time of year again. List Time. If you asked us two weeks ago or two weeks from now, the countdown would probably be completely different. Also, Jerrad and Corin each mumbled two bands names at me on the night of the show, the sum total of their involvement in the process. If they were pressed, or at all interested in the show, they could probably produce an opinion on a few more releases from 2010. Maybe next year, eh fellows?

Anyhoo, besides the songs on the list, we also played "Christmas With The Andersons", sung by Craig Anderson on the hilarious Stop Podcasting Yourself from their 2008 Christmas episode. We'll be back next week with the Year in Review. Then after that, it's on to Wednesday nights.

Artist Track Album/CD
25 Holy Light of Demons Requiem -
24 The Art Museums Paris Cafe Rough Frame
23 Blind Man's Colour Canoe Paddles Wooden Blankets
22 caribou Kaili Swim
21 Surfer Blood Take It Easy Astro Coast
20 the sword arrows in the dark Warp Riders
19 Aloha Moonless March Home Acres
18 The Apples in Stereo No Vacation Travellers In Space And Time
17 Morningbell Sun Come Out We Are Angular and Beautiful
16 Zeus How Does It Feel? Say Us
15 tres bien You Really Broke My Heart The Weather on Milk Mountain
14 Bangs Meet Me On Facebook -
13 Tame Impala Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind? InnerSpeaker
12 Spoon Written In Reverse Transference
11 Title Tracks Piles Of Paper It Was Easy
10 Best Coast Our Deal Crazy For You
9 Field Music Them That Do Nothing Measure
8 Ty Segall Sad Fuzz Melted
7 Here We Go Magic Collector Pigeons
6 Medications Long Day Completely Removed
5 deerhunter Revival Halcyon Digest
4 Flying Lotus Do the Astral Plane Cosmogramma
3 Tobacco Constellation Dirtbike Head Maniac Meat
2 Wavves Super Soaker King Of The Beach
1 Sufjan Stevens Too Much Age of Adz


GNC Playlist for 12.13.2010

Artist Track Album/CD
so many dynamos Progress Flashlights
Hunx and His Punx Dream on (Little Dreamer) -
passion pit Sleepyhead chunk of change
Milton Nascimento Cravo E Canela Milton
set break

Smart Went Crazy A Brief Conversation Ending In Divorce Con Art
Great Deceivers Black Hotel House of Stairs
Woubeshet Feseha Track 1 1976
set break

the corin tucker band 1,000 Years 1,000 Years
Adebisi Shank Oyasumi -
loose fur Apostolic Born Again in The USA
gauntlet hair I was thinking Single
set break

Totally Nebular Anthony Naples Boat Boat
God Boat Oregano in My Yard -
Tree Hopping Tough Summer The Beat Band
the fantasies Tick Tock meet the fantasies
Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake Farewell Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
set break

Coniferous I Want to Know You -
Hear Hums Hexagon Psyche Cycles
Autre Ne Veut OMG Autre Ne Veut
Gleaming Amoebas Style From The Breeze -
set break

Gobble Gobble Meteor Eschat Neon Graveyard
R.E.M. Try Not To Breathe Automatic for the People
Chrissy Zebby Tembo Coffin Maker My Ancestors
set break

Dem Hunger Horse Stomach Caveman Smack


6 Songs By Gleaming Amoebas

Gleaming Amoebas started recording an album last year or the year before. I was helping them with it. It was never completely finished before singer/guitarist Jonny left town, and it was unclear to me what would happen to the parts that did seem finished. I decided that one way I could be sure of what would happen would be to happen it myself. So, here are 6 Songs By Gleaming Amoebas. An album that is not necessarily endorsed by the band. I guess as long as you are still able to stream/download the music via the links above, the guys have not asked me to take it down.

Not coincidentally, Gleaming Amoebas will be playing this Friday, December 17th, at Local 662 in downtown St.Pete. Despite our absence from the text of this flyer, my band Gentlemen Please, will be opening. GNC faves Signals From Satellites, and Jet W. Lee from Chicago will be playing too. Don't miss.



Braids - Live at the Knitting Factory

Here's Braids performing at the Knitting Factory. It's a Bleary Eyed Brooklyn video that I saw at Dead as Digital.


Tree Hopping - The Beat Band

The Beat Band Cover Art

Gabriel Berrios is Tree Hopping. He is also one third of former GNC Live Musical Guests Totally Nebular. You will certainly recognize elements of TN's sound in Tree Hopping's latest release, The Beat Band. It's full of syncopated drum patterns and African-scented guitar lines anchored by deep, fuzzed out synth bass. In addition to shouting out international crate diggers Global Groove, Gabriel describes his process briefly:
The music in "The Beat Band", except for the vocals, is completely made out of loops, either played or sampled from music. I looped guitar, drums, keyboards, and percussion for the majority of the tracks but also included samples in every song. I did this partly to blur the line between the music that influences me and the music I was making.
That statement's emphasis on looping belies the organic nature of all the music on The Beat Band. It's lead by sometimes desperate yelping vocals and highly human percussion that sounds like a lot of objects hitting a lot of other objects. This album is about moving air around. Great stuff.

And there is still more music to be mined from the members of Totally Nebular. Weston "haha" Mansfield has another project that goes by God Boat (you can grab some mp3s of newer songs from this developing project over at Hear Hums' site); and Forest Clay seems to be how Eddie Roqueta spends his free time.

Hear Hums - Psyche Cycles

Psyche Cycles Cover Art

As mentioned in a previous post, Crash Symbols is releasing the new Hear Hums' cassette, Psyche Cycles. If you head over to their bandcamp page, you can place an order for it or download it digitally for free. I must point out though, that purchasing the actual object for the paltry asking price not only helps to support the artistic community, but also gives you an exciting reason to rush home from the Choklit Shoppe or the corner Five and Dime and check your mailbox. A musical totem can be a powerful thing. Sometimes you don't know how you should feel about a song until you can hold it in your hand. Plus, they're lighter than records and still look good on a bookshelf, once you get a decent-sized collection going.


Ready for Prime Time?!

Hi all.

The picture above is a re-enactment of the moment that WMNF Program Director Randy Wynne, played by Jack's Dad from Lost, told Alastair, played by Michelle Rodriguez from Avatar, that Grand National Championships would be moving to Wednesdays from 8 to 10pm, starting on January 19th. This is a big deal for us. We began many a year ago, when Mother Gaia was still cooling from her tumultuous pubescence, in the early dawn hours. Slowly, we worked our way backward through the night, manning the boards during the overnight shift and befriending many a creepy lurker throughout our listening area.

In our current time slot, we straddle the threshold of today and tomorrow, but come January, we'll have a brand new set of challenges. Chief among these is a whole mess more of potential listeners, not ready to go to sleep yet, and tuned in with much keener and discerning ears. That means stepping up content. The show won't be changing, but maybe becoming a little more like itself. We're going to runs things the same way, but getting a few extra hands behind the scenes, so that certain aspects of the show that we enjoy can be executed more easily. We're also going to feature more frequent live musical guests. As we speak, we're arranging sessions with:
...and more are soon to be announced. We'll also be having more in studio guests: old friends, new friends, and also people onto whom we wish to force our friendship.

The GNC Podcast will still be the same, scrubbed of all objectionable material, copyright-wise. Part of our behind-the-scenes overhaul will be making sure that the podcasts are updated in a timely manner, with some occasional bonus content thrown in. Also, we've gotten a slightly shorter email address that you can use, if it's absolutely killing you to type our long-ass URL one damned time into your contacts. Do people even type anymore? We have a houseboy for that. Anyway, it's us@thegncshow.com. Flows a little nicer, innit? We'll keep the old one too, because it's already paid for...and we're hoarders.

I think that's all for now. Thank you VERY much for sticking with us this long. Don't think we don't appreciate every person who gets it. I hope this move makes the show better for you.

Alastair, Jerrad, and Corin
Grand National Championships


GNC Playlist for 12.6.2010

Artist Track Album/CD
Zorch Moris the Loris Demo
atlas sound Talent Show Bedroom Databank 1
Fugazi Break End Hits
The Magnetic Fields Please Stop Dancing Distortion
set break

Radiohead Pyramid Song Amnesiac
Pretty And Nice Pixies Get Young
Gobble Gobble o Sacred Dandruff Neon Graveyard
set break

Sleepy Vikings Twin Peaks Live at WMNF
Sleepy Vikings Country Song Live at WMNF
Sleepy Vikings Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl Live at WMNF
Sleepy Vikings Flashlight Tag Live at WMNF
set break

The Velvet Underground and Nico I'll Be Your Mirror The Velvet Underground and Nico
Mellows Of Age Dope Mountain Fuck
The Left Banke Goodbye Holly There's Gonna Be A Storm: The Complete Recordings 1966-1969
set break

31Knots The Breaks Worried Well
Strider Main Theme Strider for NES
Pariah Carey Cold Flowers (Pry Them) Dope Mountain Fuck
Cinemechanica Rivals Rivals EP
set break

atlas sound Hotel Orlando Bedroom Databank 1
Tree Hopping How Fun We Used to Be The Beat Band
Tumbleweave The Ghost With The Most Moves Demon Squeeze
Tumbleweave Mystery Lynch Demon Squeeze
Braids She Brave Soul Set Pieces EP
set break

The Constantines Tiger & Crane Shine A Light
set break

Hear Hums Mokom Wolos Dope Mountain Fuck


Sleepy Vikings - 12.1.2010

Sleepy Vikings graced the WMNF Live Music Studio with their beautiful tunes, all stompy (stompish?) with a crystalline sheen. They also showed us how to play a Broken Social Scene cover. God bless them for it. They'll be out at the New World Brewery on Saturday, December 11th, with Birdlips and Great Deceivers. You should listen to these songs loud.


Dope Mountain Fuck: A Crash Symbols Compilation

The next thing that you should do is head over to the Crash Symbols site and follow the necessary links to obtain a download of Dope Mountain Fuck, be it free or otherwise. This is a collection of music from 19 artists, including Foot Village, Hear Hums, and Beggars in a New Land. Those three artists are behind the first, second, and third releases, respectively, from this new cassette label (don't worry, it seems you'll be able to DL digital copies of their releases if you're not a Maxell fetishist). See the comps entire tracklist below.

Oh, that reminds me, the Hear Hums blog is a new favorite to peep in on weekly, if not daily. Tons of good, great, and interesting music to check out over there. Do yourself a favor.

Dope Mountain Fuck tracklist:
01 Bummer Sanders - Sunset Funset
02 School Knights - Never Needed
03 Closed Cassette - Alright
04 Wish - Take My Hand
05 D/R/U/G/S - Hathaways
06 Sports - Mind Has Changed
07 Fox Hands - Patella
08 The Fruhstucks - She Doesn’t Know
09 Gay Boiz - Mat
10 Kohwi - Hobbies (ft. Mutual Benefit)
11 Great Beer - After Effects
12 Monster Rally - Sun Bum
13 Pariah Carey - Cold Flowers (Pry Them)
14 Pregnant - Dog
15 Mellows - Of Age
16 Cop Magnet - Glossy
17 Foot Village - Energy Hunters (Unicorn Hard-On Mystic Materials Refuck)
18 Beggars in a New Land - A Cool Way To Jog
19 Hear Hums - Mokom Wolos


GNC Playlist for 11.29.2010

Artist Track Album/CD
Hella Been a Long Time Cousin Hold Your Horse Is
shellac This is a Picture terraform
Les Savy Fav The Sweat Descends Inches
The Drums When I Come Home The Drums
set break

The Halo Benders Virginia Reel Around The Fountain The Rebels Not In
Blaster Master Stage 1-1 -
Okkervil River Song of Our So-Called Friend Black Sheep Boy
The Recovery The Recovery The Recovery
set break

Cars Can Be Blue Hope You're Hurting Doubly Unbeatable
Bunnygrunt The Limits of Southern Hospitality Matt Harnish and Other Delights
The Thermals At the Bottom of the Sea Now We Can See
Akron/Family Everyone Is Guilty Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free
set break

Spoon All The Pretty Girls Go To The City Kill The Moonlight
Junip In Every Direction Fields
The Morning Benders Excuses Big Echo
Belle And Sebastian Write About Love Write About Love
set break

Twin Sister Meet the Frownies Shaking Through Volume 1
The Hold Steady Chips Ahoy! Boys and Girls in America
Apex Manor Under the Gun The Year of Magical Driking
Woodsmen Insects Rare Forms
set break

The Do Playground Suite A Mouthful
Joan Of Arc Eventually, All At Once Eventually, All At Once
set break

Centro-Matic Glacial Slurs South San Gabriel Songs/Music