Trousers and the New Argyles - 8.14.2010

Bryan Duffy, Josh Price, and Carlos Andujar (not pictured...yet) are Trousers and the New Argyles. All three of these guys could, at any particular time, be making their own music, or playing in a number of bands. Josh plays in Philip Pietri and the The Manatees, who've been on GNC before, and he and Carlos both play with Philip in Pielos, a more improvisational and experimental group. Josh and Duffy's noisy, aggressive duo Hello.Invade! and one of Carlos's groups, When Tides Collide or Rails, will likely also be a guest on our show sooner than later.

Trousers came to the WMNF Live Music Studio on August 14th of this year and played a fantastic set of lively rock music in their own particular style. I hope the band will forgive me for taking so long to post this here properly. It's certainly not because I don't love these songs. They are complex and inviting in their warmth, and skim by like whirlpools around your legs when you dip them in a river. Please listen closely.

Unfortunately, the guys from the band will also have to forgive me for something else. I do not have audio of our interview with them when Josh and Bryan came back to the studio the following Monday. We called up Carlos, who was back home in Jacksonville. We also thought up dishes that we would serve at our Metallica theme restaurant. I'm sad it's gone.


Bryan Duffy said...

You guys did a fantastic job. Thanks for having us and sending nice words out into the world regarding our music.