Listener Survey - What do YOU think?

Hi Important Listener! How are you? I hope you're well!

Alright, enough ass kissing. We both know what's really going on here. Your day/life can't be turning out like you'd hoped it might if you're spending any valuable minutes at our website. Hopefully it also means that you find our show to have some redeeming qualities. If that's the case -- or even if it isn't, who are we to judge -- please fill out the WMNF Listener Survey. It shouldn't take much of your time, which you've already admitted to be almost worthless by your presence here. It is also a key source of information for the station regarding the listening habits, preferences, etc., of all our peoples. Thanks very much for taking part, and be sure to mention Grand National Championships if you like what we do. And for fans of the morning show, remember, Marcie Finkelstein's name is spelled J-E-R-R-A-D M-C-L-E-O-D . Here's where you go to Do the Deed: