GNC Playlist for 11.22.2010

Artist Track Album/CD
Jay Reatard It's So Useless Singles
Intelligence St Bartholemew Fake Surfers
Do Make Say Think THofR Part Three The Whole Story of Glory
Ghost Houses Rituals -
set break

Nirvana Oh The Guilt Puss/Oh The Guilt
Guided By Voices Her Psychology bee thousand
Dies Irae Another Room First
Hanoi Jones Beach Kids Year of Panic
Built To Spill Distopian Dream Girl There's Nothing Wrong With Love
set break

Bygones ex-people by-
The Knife The Height of Summer Tomorrow, In a Year
Fugazi Place Position End Hits
Garotas Suecas Ghost Writer Garotas Suecas
set break

Jaded Hipster Choir and Teen Daze Low Glow -
The Joggers I'm Not Convinced Solid Guild
Soft Powers Just Like Tropica-L Bad Pop
set break

Whorse Theme from Whorse Songs You've Heard Once
Sex Bomb-omb Threshold Scott Pilgrim vs the World
Maps And Atlases Banished Be Cavalier Perch Patchwork
Idle Race Come With Me Back to the Story
set break

Marnie Stern Ruler This Is It And I Am It And You Are It And So Is That And He Is It And She Is It And It Is It And That Is That
Pink Floyd See Emily Play Early Singles
Tera Melos In Citrus Heights Patagonian Rats
set break

Woodsmen Insects Rare Forms
tyondai braxton Uffe's Workshop Central Market