Most Played Artists in 2010

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We've been running some numbers. Since it's getting near the end of the year, we were curious what artists got the most radio play via GNC in 2010. The results are not necessarily surprising:

Honorable Mentions must also go to the following:
Stay tuned to the show. December is always our most exciting month. In addition to a live session by Sleepy Vikings that will be airing on 12/6, we also have the Best of 2010 (our countdown of favorites from this year) on 12/21, and the GNC Year in Review (our recap of a year's worth of on-air stupidness) on 12/28. If you have any suggestions for either list, feel free to send them to us@grandnationalchampionships.com.


GNC Playlist for 11.22.2010

Artist Track Album/CD
Jay Reatard It's So Useless Singles
Intelligence St Bartholemew Fake Surfers
Do Make Say Think THofR Part Three The Whole Story of Glory
Ghost Houses Rituals -
set break

Nirvana Oh The Guilt Puss/Oh The Guilt
Guided By Voices Her Psychology bee thousand
Dies Irae Another Room First
Hanoi Jones Beach Kids Year of Panic
Built To Spill Distopian Dream Girl There's Nothing Wrong With Love
set break

Bygones ex-people by-
The Knife The Height of Summer Tomorrow, In a Year
Fugazi Place Position End Hits
Garotas Suecas Ghost Writer Garotas Suecas
set break

Jaded Hipster Choir and Teen Daze Low Glow -
The Joggers I'm Not Convinced Solid Guild
Soft Powers Just Like Tropica-L Bad Pop
set break

Whorse Theme from Whorse Songs You've Heard Once
Sex Bomb-omb Threshold Scott Pilgrim vs the World
Maps And Atlases Banished Be Cavalier Perch Patchwork
Idle Race Come With Me Back to the Story
set break

Marnie Stern Ruler This Is It And I Am It And You Are It And So Is That And He Is It And She Is It And It Is It And That Is That
Pink Floyd See Emily Play Early Singles
Tera Melos In Citrus Heights Patagonian Rats
set break

Woodsmen Insects Rare Forms
tyondai braxton Uffe's Workshop Central Market


Listener Survey - What do YOU think?

Hi Important Listener! How are you? I hope you're well!

Alright, enough ass kissing. We both know what's really going on here. Your day/life can't be turning out like you'd hoped it might if you're spending any valuable minutes at our website. Hopefully it also means that you find our show to have some redeeming qualities. If that's the case -- or even if it isn't, who are we to judge -- please fill out the WMNF Listener Survey. It shouldn't take much of your time, which you've already admitted to be almost worthless by your presence here. It is also a key source of information for the station regarding the listening habits, preferences, etc., of all our peoples. Thanks very much for taking part, and be sure to mention Grand National Championships if you like what we do. And for fans of the morning show, remember, Marcie Finkelstein's name is spelled J-E-R-R-A-D M-C-L-E-O-D . Here's where you go to Do the Deed:


Trousers and the New Argyles - 8.14.2010

Bryan Duffy, Josh Price, and Carlos Andujar (not pictured...yet) are Trousers and the New Argyles. All three of these guys could, at any particular time, be making their own music, or playing in a number of bands. Josh plays in Philip Pietri and the The Manatees, who've been on GNC before, and he and Carlos both play with Philip in Pielos, a more improvisational and experimental group. Josh and Duffy's noisy, aggressive duo Hello.Invade! and one of Carlos's groups, When Tides Collide or Rails, will likely also be a guest on our show sooner than later.

Trousers came to the WMNF Live Music Studio on August 14th of this year and played a fantastic set of lively rock music in their own particular style. I hope the band will forgive me for taking so long to post this here properly. It's certainly not because I don't love these songs. They are complex and inviting in their warmth, and skim by like whirlpools around your legs when you dip them in a river. Please listen closely.

Unfortunately, the guys from the band will also have to forgive me for something else. I do not have audio of our interview with them when Josh and Bryan came back to the studio the following Monday. We called up Carlos, who was back home in Jacksonville. We also thought up dishes that we would serve at our Metallica theme restaurant. I'm sad it's gone.


Animal Control, Yao Ming?

Thanks very much to Ryan Pureber for providing this picture, which represents a potential method of controlling China's dog population.

GNC Playlist for 11.15.2010

Artist Track Album/CD
Best Coast Make You Mine 7"
Circulatory System The Lovely Universe s/t
Grandaddy Hewlett's Daughter The Sophtware Slump
the books A Cold Freezin Night The Way Out
set break

Sondre Lerche & The Faces Down Quartet Say It All Phantom Punch
Deerhoof Sealed With a Kiss Apple O'
Thee Oh Sees Meat Step Lively Help
set break

The Hundred In The Hands Dressed In Dresden The Hundred In The Hands
White Fence Who Feels Right? White Fence
The Art Museums Oh Modern Girls Rough Frame
Blind Man's Colour Canoe Paddles Wooden Blankets
set break

Better Than Ezra Conjunction Junction Schoolhouse Rocks
MC Pee Pants I Want Candy -
The Four Tops Bernadette Hitsville USA Box
set break

Foals Total Life Forever Total Life Forever
dear and glorious physician Spooky Action Dear And Glorious Physician
The Bird Day Thirsty Collect Vibrations
Morningbell Sun Come Out We Are Angular and Beautiful
set break

Quincy Jones The Streetbeater -
k.c. accidental Kev's Message For Charlie Captured Anthems For An Empty Bathtub
Maps And Atlases Israeli Caves Perch Patchwork
Human Eye Rare Little Creature Fragments of the Universe Nurse
set break

Pigeons No Other Way -


Tickies - Better Than Ezra/MC Chris

Howdy. We've got tickets to give away tonight! Better Than Ezra and MC Chris are playing shows tomorrow at Jannus Landing and The Social, respectively, and we're gonna send you! Tune in to WMNF Tampa 88.5 FM or wmnf.org to win.

Jerrad as Bret Michaels

Let this be an inspiration to all our listeners.


Benverine by Matt Kannenberg

A few weeks ago, Jerrad called for any competent graphic artists to produce an image of Benverine, a combination of Ben Vereen and Wolverine. Our friend (and GNC listener) heard Jerrad's call and took appropriate action. We give you...Benverine!

Since Matt sent over his beautiful work, we've found examples of Benverine photoshop jobs elsewhere on the internet. We certainly weren't the first to have the idea, but we love Matt's stark, elegant, and original vision of this most dashing of the mutants.

GNC Playlist for 11.8.2010

Hello to you. Please excuse our archives. The first half-hour or so of this program was not saved for posterity.

Artist Track Album/CD
deerhunter Revival Halcyon Digest
Sufjan Stevens Too Much The Age of ADZ
Margot & The Nuclear So And So's Will You Love Me Forever? Buzzard
set break
The Matt Kurz One Hey Renee Debt Sounds
Robert Wyatt Sea Song Rock Bottom
The Clues You Have My Eyes Now Clues
set break
The Black Angels Sunday Afternoon Phosphene Dream
Ratatat Montanita Classics
tres bien You Really Broke My Heart The Weather on Milk Mountain
set break
Joanna Newsom Cosmia Ys
set break
The Rolling Stones You Can't Always Get What You Want london years
Why? One Rose Eskimo Snow
TV Girl If You Want It TV Girl EP
set break
Don Caballero Ones All Over The Place American Don
set break
Lansing-Dreiden Glass Corridor The Incomplete Triangle
No Aloha
Last Splash


GNC Playlist for 11.1.2010

Artist Track Album/CD
Pixies Gouge Away Live
Sunbears Song 5 (It's Too Late) -
The Jesus Lizard Monkey Trick The Jesus Lizard
Sufjan Stevens All For Myself The Age of Adz
set break

Women China Steps Public Strain
Icy Demons Trial by Lasers Tears of a Clone
Sholi Tourniquet Sholi
gauntlet hair OUT, DON'T... Single
set break

Super Collider Messagesacomin Raw Digits
Spectrals Chip a Tooth (Spoil a Smile) Spectrals Extended Play
French Kicks Hey I Wait I Two Thousand
PDF Format God Only Knows -
set break

Sufjan Stevens Vesuvius The Age of Adz
Cloud Nothings I Apologize Cass/Flick Split C20
Nobunny Pretty Little Trouble First Blood
Crystal Stilts Shake the Shackles Shake the Shackles
set break

tres bien Knock You Out -
Julian Lynch Just Enough Mare
Luftwaffe Never Let Me Go Quiet Summer
Thee Oh Sees Everything Went Black Warm Slime
set break

Kirby's Epic Yarn Lava Landing Kirby's Epic Yarn
The Donkeys Lower The Heavens The Donkeys