Snack Truck - Spacial Findings 1-7

Richmond, Virginia's Snack Truck, or Snacktruck depending on whose literature you read, have two drummers and one guitarist/keyboardist. Don't get too hung up on the instrumentation, though. That would be missing the point of this release, which is densely layered enough to have one wondering how exactly it translates in a live performance setting. They aren't strictly a noise band, but they are noisy and moreover, guided by noise to create surprisingly melodic, intricate instrumental hard-edged rock. While it's not necessarily groundbreaking — which is what music of this ilk is ostensibly striving for — the 8 tracks of Spacial Findings 1-7 contain 27 minutes full of hummable lines and uniquely stuttering passages played by guys who obviously know their gear and understand the context in which their parts operate.

Equally represented alongside the pretty bits is the kind of simultaneously glitchy & sludgy hardcore-ish experiments that you might find on a collaboration between Fennesz and Dillinger Escape Plan. The majority of this less-immediately-compelling material shows up in the last two tracks, which, at 8 and 5 minutes, are the only songs to crack the 4 minute barrier.

In similar fashion to Battles, name-checked in their press sheet, and Maryland neighbors Oxes, Snack Truck manage a much higher idea-per-minute average than most groups, which isn't to their detriment. Each motive and motif feels like it has a chance to breathe and be noticed before it's swept up into the next inevitable hairpin turn.