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Old North East - Live on Grand National Championships

Old North East

1 Because
2 Oh Cliche
3 This City Never Sleeps


Raise Yo Funds Up!!

Howdy, friend.

It's Fall Marathon time, our chance to gauge the impact we've made on your life. If you have anything that you can contribute to our station, and more specifically, our show, head over to WMNF.org to cast your vote for mediocre programming. If you'd rather surprise us at the last minute, call the station (813.238.8001) while we're on the air. That's tonight from 11pm-1am EDT.

Bear in mind, you can pledge your amount and then send your check afterwards, or you can sign up for the Circle of Friends and contribute at least $10 a month, which will be automatically deducted from your checking account. It's a very painless way to make a substantial difference for you community radio station.

And if that heartfelt plea didn't touch your wallet, here's the kicker. Introducing the Official Grand National Championships T-Shirt. It's available in long and short sleeves, and also in "women's" styles of shirts. Let us know what cut you're looking for, and we will provide. The minimum donation to get one of these bad-boys is $75. It is available exclusively to marathon donors, so act now. Thanks, as always, for your help.