Summer Jam 5

Joe D'Acunto and Joel Cook, from Thx Mgmt and Reax respectively, came by the studio to talk Summer Jam and many other local musical goings-on. They also bravely bared their soul during the GNC Trivia Challenge.


Tune in tonight.

Soft Rock Renegades, DJs Archaea & 2Critical - known to the Federal Government as Cameron Correa and Jack Spatafora - will be in studio tonight, spinning their own unique blend of whatever the hell they want. Tune in and check out a bit of dumb chit-chat with the fellas and a set of music you wouldn't otherwise hear, all in the first hour of tonight's Grand National Championships program.

Stay tuned to GNC all this month. Next week, August 10th, Philip Pietri and the Manatees will be in session at GNC. Their new EP, Beach Jazz, is a lovely gust of breeze this summer. So listen to them blow on our air waves. Also, in the coming weeks, Joe from Thx Mgmt, multi-instrumentalist from numerous local musical projects Josh Greenberg, and more of A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.'s master plan.



Playing Now: Fruit Bats - The Ruminant Band

The Ruminant Band is the latest album from Fruit Bats, the psychy, poppy, folky Sub Pop duo-turned-quintet led by Eric Johnson. It's been almost exactly 4 years since the release of Spelled in Bones, their last full-length. This time between records may be due, in part, to Johnson and bassist Ron Lewis's commitments as members of megaband The Shins.

This collection finds the band comfortably expanding their sound. There's a little more stompin' and clappin', heard prominently on the title track, and a more confident twang to Johnson's vocals. The production in general is sharper and dirtier than on previous outings, the most heavy-handed example being the album closer "Flamingo", which features saloon piano and organ with enough gauzy atmosphere to sound like RZA samples. The feel of the album is energetic, if not exactly up-tempo, although there are still plenty of quiet moments, like the stripped down arrangements of "Beautiful Morning Light" and "Singing Joy To The World".