Shellac done proper

A dispatch from our friend Ryan Pureber, who saw Shellac play in San Francisco this week past:


Mr. Albini

Mr. Trainer
The beginning of "The End of Radio"... Todd lurked around the stage cracking his snare at people while Steve yelled "This snare drum is turned into electricity and beamed around the world!"

It was difficult to get a decent shot in low light, with my phone... and with all the body-bumping etc.

Really REALLY good show, as to be expected. The playing/energy was amazing all the way through.

Some Q & A:
Q for Todd: "How do you get all the volume in your hair and how do you keep it?"
A from Todd: "You either got it or you don't." Looks in mirror on wall, tousles hair... "I Fn got it."

Q directed to Bob about Steve: "Why doesn't he talk?"
A from Bob: "He's tuning... he'll talk when he's done tuning"
A from Steve: "I was going to talk, but then you started talking and I got all connnfffused..." starts song

Q to Bob: "When's the next album?"
A from Bob: "Well, we have 2 new songs... so, we need about 8-12 more." Later he corrected himself and said "...those were our 3 new songs within the last 5 or 6."

Steve: "We have two more songs and then... we're done."
Heckler: "Wingwalker!" I was glad to hear this since I really like that song and wanted to hear it... but I'm not going to tell them what to do.
Steve: "We got this... believe it or not we know what we're doing.'
Bob begins Wingwalker which they blast through... it was very good to hear live.

They put on a really good show and had funny responses to questions and heckling.