Bonnaroo 2009 - Day 1

Bonnaroo 2009 - Day 1: Into the fray! (The Taming of the Mole)

We received the following missive on Friday, June 12, originating from Camp McLeod at the 2009 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee:

Shaky but net good first day/night...

Struggled a bit with our tents in the unforgiving Tennessee sun. Our immediate neighbors are thankfully good people. After setting up camp, we ventured out the explore the site. Seems like it gets bigger every year.

After talking to 10 or so rookie Roo employees, we finally found the media hub. We have access to wireless, catering, and portapotties we don't have to share with the masses. Hoo-fucking-ray.

With our passes we have access to the side (aka DRY) areas of the stages...got some great photos of Murs and The Knux. Expecting to get lots more in the nights to come... :D

We were then treated to a brief but very intense thunderstorm. Like, biblical wrath type shit. Got soaked and lost; came back to campsite to find the insides of our tents uncomfortably wet and a family of giant leaping spiders living in our bags of clothes and blankets. WOOT! Hunting jumping spiders in a tent with a flashlight is as difficult and terrifying as you might expect. In the end, we triumphed over the unrelenting arachnid cabal.

Arielle, unconvinced of our apparent victory, opted to sleep in the car. I was apparently unconcerned about a possible spider counter-attack, as my body shut down the moment I hit the air mattress, after being awake for almost 48 hours. Phew.

The spiders did not seek retribution. Good thing, as they outnumber is 10 to 1.

Awoke this morning to Arielle calling my name. A little baby mole had found his way into her tent. Arielle insists on calling it a shrew, but it isn't. It's a mole. Found him a home away from the campers.

After a hot shower and breakfast burrito, I feel like some kind of brand-new million dollar man. Arielle is obviously still upset about the spiders.

The day is upon us. Arielle is off to interview Of Montreal this morning (after some impressive hustling), and I am off to attend the press conference to get the 411 on exactly what else we can do here.

More to come! Hopefully I'll get some wireless time later...typing this phone is killing my hands...

We continue to hope for the best.