Dirty Projectors - Knotty Pine

Nothin' but another video. No apologies, though. It's a real humdinger, Dirty Projectors playing their song "Knotty Pine" from the Dark Was The Night compilation. David Byrne is not part of the performance, but there IS an enthusiastically executed audience participation segment.


Look forward to some new casting announcements this week. Oh, after my VACATION, that is. That's right. I earned it, and I'm taking it. Jerrad and I are going with some friends to see Medications and Cinemechanica in Athens, GA. If you're unfamiliar with Medications, here's a performance from one of the tunes on their first EP:

Maybe we'll have some audio from the trip after the Fund Drive.

Which brings me to the Fund Drive. It's that time again. If you have any means to contribute, it would be greatly appreciated. Our particular shift will be NEXT Monday, March 30th, from 11pm to 1am. To donate towards our goal, call 813.239.9663 during our show or visit wmnf.org anytime leading up to it. Don't forget to tell them that it's for us. Thanks as always for listening. Drop a line to us@grandnationalchampionships.com if you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc.



Gradles said...

Pledges are like Yeunglings to me...give me enough, and I'll do ANYthing. =D