Back Up To Speed

Hello everyone.

We're back to the present. I've stopped posting individual playlists, because they're all archived at WMNF (see the Playlist link on the right side of the page), so although it may look slightly more sparse in the main body of the site, the bits and bobs that ARE posted will be meaty chunks of content, no filler.

That being said, in lieu of a live band session for the month of February, I'm proud to present the first:

Dan is the closer, less pretty one.

My good friend slash former roommate Dan Stewart goes by Dow Jones. He was a musical influence of gargantuan proportion in my life. Without his Technics 1200's around, I might never have known about Pepe Bradock, Thomas Bangalter, Wuz, Super Discount, Svek Records, Isolee, Quasimoto, and countless others nuggets of gold.

Thanks, Dan, for the learnin' and this brand new mix, which he has chosen to call 'Hard at 130' for some God-awful reason. I assume it relates to the tempo. I couldn't tell you exactly what songs are in it, and that's probably for the best. Click the link above to download it, put it on loud while you're doing something else and let your heartbeat sync up to it. Whatever it is you're doing, this should make it better. It will damned sure make it faster.



Matt said...

She kind of looks like Trish. Weird.