That Guy With the Dip 12.1.2008

GNC 12.01.2008 Hour One
GNC 12.01.2008 Hour Two

Love Alone again Or Forever Changes
set break
Figurines Race You Skeleton
The Menahan
Street Band
Make The Road
By Walking
Make The Road
By Walking
Deerhoof Chadelier Searchlight Offend Maggie
set break
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss Gone Gone Gone
(Done Moved On)
Raising Sand
Phil and the
Third World American Toward Conquering
The Invisible Death
Junior Murvin Police and Thieves police and thieves
set break
Vivian Girls Wild Eyes Vivian Girls
Les Savy Fav New Teen Anthem 3/5
Beardsley Magnetic North Fighting Strangers
in the Alps
set break
Women Upstairs Women
Woodhands Dancer Heart Attack
Grim Reaper See You in Hell -
set break
Golden Animals The Steady Roller Free Your Mind
and Ride a Pony
Adem Something's Going
to Come
Love & Other Planets
set break
hi standard california dreaming survival of the fattest
Asiko Lagos City Nigeria Disco Funk Special
The Concert Report - -
set break
Ladyhawk I Don't Always Know
What You're Saying
The Most Serene Republic Green Door Green Door
Pivot Didn't I Furious O Soundtrack My Heart
school of seven bells Chain Alpinisms