Covered in BEES!! 11.24.2008

GNC 11.24.2008 Hour One
GNC 11.24.2008 Hour Two

Mitch Mitchell Can't Get A Nuff Eccentric Soul:
The Prix Label
set break
Tobacco Truck Sweat Fucked Up Friends
Palantine Social Influence Melee
Portishead Machine Gun Third
set break
Women Shaking Hand Women
R.E.M. Strange Currencies Monster
At The Drive-In Pattern Against User Relationship of Command
set break
Ill Ease and
the Racket
Here Comes Trouble Turn It Loose
Friendly Fires Jump In The Pool Friendly Fires
set break
Cinemechanica Antsinjapants The Martial Arts
Onion News Attractive Girls Union -
set break
Robert Plant
& Alison Krauss
Through The Morning,
Through The Night
Raising Sand
Ladyhawk War Fight For Anarchy
set break
Julian Koster O Little Town of Bethlehem The Musical Saw
at Christmastime
Tom Waits singapore Rain Dogs
Onion News Money Hole -
The Concert Report - -
Maus Haus We Used Technology We Used Technology
set break
The Replacements My Little Problem All Shook Down
Abigail Warhead Nixon's Guns The New EP
Faraquet Call It Sane -
set break
The Action 13 More Bread To The People Nigeria Rock Special:
Psychedelic Afro-rock
& Fuzz-Funk
Wye Oak Warning If Children
The International
Noise Conspiracy
Boredom of Safety The Cross of My Calling



Jerrad's Youth



Stare Into the Eyes of Cute!

Listener Careena has found herself a prototype of Apple's newest palmtop device, the iCat. Notice the cool blue of the eye design and the touches of white on the tips of the paws, no doubt a callback to the late-90's G3 era.

But in all seriousness, Careena says she needs to find a home for this kitty. You can drop her a line at careena@gmail.com if'n you think a bit of companionship might enrich your life.

Also, it turns out that Careena is neither heavy-set nor Wiccan. I guess all the electronic equipment in the studio threw off my radar.


Major Zero 11.10.2008

GNC 11.10.2008 Hour One
GNC 11.10.2008 Hour Two
GNC 11.10.2008 Hour Three

Ramblin' Jack Elliott Careless Darling I Stand Alone
Mary Timony Friend to J.C. Ex Hex
Of Montreal Jaques Lamure The Gay Parade
set break
The Bee Gees More Than A Woman The Greatest Hits
Cornelius Gum Sensuous
Emily Haines &
The Soft Skeleton
Doctor Blind Knives Don't Have Your Back
set break
The Appleseed Cast Silas' Knife Peregrine
Storm And Stress Track 6 Storm And Stress
The Apples in Stereo Please Velocity In Sound
set break
Terry Lynn Consumers Kingstonlogic 2.0
Onion News YouTube Contest -
The Who I Can't Reach You The Who Sell Out
set break
John Vanderslice Exodus Damage Pixel Revolt
unwed sailor Aurora Little Wars
set break
Run-on Sentence The Afterlife Pt 1 Hush 10th Anniversary
set break
Big Business Grounds for Divorce Here Come the Waterworks
Onion News Obama Supporters -
David Byrne
& Brian Eno
Everything That Happens Everything That Happens
Will Happen Today
set break
panda bear Track One young prayer
Brazilian Girls St. Petersburg New York City
The Replacements Waitress in the sky Tim
set break
Diana Ross &
The Supremes
Reflections The Complete Motown
Anthology Vol 4
Silas Durocher
and Everybody Knows
Boom. Dee Dah Dee Dah.
Thesis Statement

Antibalas I.C.E. Security


Movie Night 10.27.2008

GNC 10.27.2008 Hour One
GNC 10.27.2008 Hour Two

Stereolab Neon Beanbag Chemical Chords
deerhunter Agoraphobia Microcastle
The Physics Of
Aeroplanes and
Snake Charmer and
Destiny at the
Stroke of Midnight
set break
Squarepusher The Coathanger Just a Souvenir
Smart Went Crazy DC Will Do That To You
(I & II)
Con Art
Onion News Cindy McCain -
The Week That Was The Story Waits for No One The Week That Was
set break
polysics Pretty Good We ate the machine
Pit er Pat Trod-a-Long High Time
Marnie Stern Ruler This Is It And I Am It
And You Are It And So
Is That And He Is It
And She Is It And It Is
It And That Is That
set break
Maritime Aren't We All Found Out Heresy And The
Hotel Choir
The Toadies Nothing To Cry About No Deliverance
The Magnetic Fields 100,000 Fireflies The Wayward Bus/
Distant Plastic Trees
Onion News Obama Internship -
set break
My bloody valentine Only Shallow Loveless
The Breeders Drivin' On 9 Last Splash
Kings of Leon Molly's Chambers Holy Roller Novocaine
set break
Television Venus Marquee Moon
Frank Black Heloise Devil's Workshop
set break
Wire two people in a room 154
Self Suzie Q Sailaway Breakfast with Girls
LCD Soundsystem Time To Get Away Sound Of Silver


Caulking Compund 11.3.2008

GNC 11.3.2008 Hour One
GNC 11.3.2008 Hour Two

Magnetic Morning Motorway A.M.
French Miami The God Damn Best Science Teeth EP
Bob Marley Exodus Legend
set break
mint chicks Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!
Free Blood Grumpy The Singles
set break
Koushik Nothing's The Same Out My Window
set break
Jordan Geiger Bruce Wayne Campbell
(Okkervil River Cover)
Squarepusher Planet Gear Just a Souvenir
Clues Perfect Fit Perfect Fit
set break
The Physics Of
Aeroplanes and Hurricanes Snake Charmer and
Destiny at the
Stroke of Midnight
Elliott Smith Junk Bond Trader Figure 8
Deerhoof Chatterboxes The Runners Four
Deerhoof Twin Killers The Runners Four
set break
Smokey And Miho 'Tempo De Amor' Tempo De Amor
Middle Distance
The Sun And Earth Middle Distance
Runner EP
The Concert Report - -
set break
Department of Eagles Around the Bay In Ear Park
The Replacements Unsatisfied Let It Be
Vivian Girls Tell The World Vivian Girls
set break
Parts & Labor Mount Misery Receivers
Elvis Presley A Little Less Conversation "68 Comeback Special
Radio Sampler



Mega Men

In the year 19XX...


Release the Kracken 10.20.2008

GNC 10.20.2008 Hour One
GNC 10.20.2008 Hour Two




Never Stops




Worried Well

PDF Format

God Only Knows


set break

The Patient



2 + 2 = 5 (The Lukewarm)

Hail to the Thief

set break
The Faint

Machine in the ghost


Kool Blues

I'm Gonna Keep On Loving You

Eccentric Soul:
The Capsoul Label

set break
Led Zeppelin

Immigrant Song

BBC Sessions

Onion News

Gay Racehorse


The Stooges


Fun House

set break
The Faint



The Sea And Cake

a Fuller Moon

Car Alarm

The Concert Report



set break
Vivian Girls

Where Do You Run To

Vivian Girls

Parts and Labor

Nowheres Nigh


Onion News

HBO Debate


set break
Portugal. The Man

My Mind

Church Mouth

school of seven bells

White Elephant Coat


set break

Snoopy Waves

Offend Maggie



X's On Your Eyes

set break
passion pit


chunk of change

cause co-motion

Which Way Is Up?

it's time