New Live Session: Steph Taylor and the State Of

Steph Taylor and the State Of

Today, Side Door Session engineer-at-large Stephen Hammill and I were at the WMNF Live Music Studio at the behest of Psycho Realms hosts Elder Sign and Arth Mawr recording a performance by Primitive Astronuats that will be airing this Sunday night. After the Astronauts wrapped up, Stephen and I cleaned up the studio and were mixing down the session tracks and burning CDs, when WMNF volunteer Cameron knocked on the door to tell us that the next band was here. Wait, there was no next band, so there must have been some mistake, or more specifically, a series of miscommunications. The host of the Saturday Asylum, Scott Imrich, was running late, and hadn't realized that Miami's Steph Taylor and the State Of would be performing live on air. Since we were already there and in a recordin' mood, we said "come on in". I was also pretty excited to get to throw some mics on the relatively under-utilized grand piano that sits in the Mike Eisenstadt Studio. Right from the beginning, Steph and her drummer Nabedi put a smile on my face with their sound check run-throughs of "Linus and Lucy" and "Everything In It's Right Place".

Since it was a live broadcast, and we wanted to give them a chance to plug their show at Skipper's tonight, the set is a brief, two-song medley. The tunes are from the album Between Ground and Sky.

Steph Taylor and the State Of - Anything For You/Helmet and Sword(mp3)

They will be coming through again at the end of August this time playing in St.Petersburg, before sling-shotting across the Midwest during September.