Power Jazz 8.25.2008

GNC 8.25.2008 Hour One
GNC 8.25.2008 Hour Two

Sigur Rós
The Mae Shi &
Rapider Than

Remarkably Dirty Animals
Don't Ignore The Potential
set break
The Yardbirds
Most Likely You'll Go Your Way
(And I'll Go Mine)

BBC Sessions
Cold War Kids
Something is Not Right With Me
Loyalty to Loyalty
set break
The Hold Steady
Sequestered in Memphis
Stay Positive
Onion News
Children Against Healthcare
Shell Skull
Sun On Sun
set break
Okkervil River
Singer Songwriter
The Stand-Ins
Don Caballero
Bulk Eye
set break
Treasure Fingers
Cross the Dancefloor
Cross the Dancefloor
Stephen McCauley For President
Take The Whole Midrange
And Boost It
The Concert Report
Fashion Nugget
set break
The Most Serene Republic
Onion News
Election Demographics
Strange Kicks
Worried Well
set break
The Shins
Sea Legs
Wincing The Night Away
Trans Am
Play in the Summer
Red Line
set break
the verve
Rather Me

Humback Doolitte 8.18.2008

Lost this playlist....Only just found it.

Young Coyotes
Hell Is...
Young Coyotes
set break
Worried Well
Matthew and
The Arrogant Sea

The Wizard
Family Family Family
Meets the Magic Christian
It's Gonna Be A Long Night
set break
hercules and
love affair

Hercules Theme
Hercules and
Love Affair
Blitzen Trapper
set break
ezra furman and
the harpoons

Secret Language
Waves on Waves
Get That Groove In
African Disco
The Concert Report
set break
Horse Feathers
Curs In The Weeds
House With No Home
paul westerberg
World Class Fad
14 Songs
(Matthew Herbert Remix)

set break
Jager Yoga
james pants
We're Through
The Rosebuds
Life Like
Life Like
set break
Ben Folds
In Between Days
speedgraphic, The LP
Dr. Dog
The Rabbit, The Bat
& The Reindeer

set break
Roll the Dice



For thorough fans of the Edgar Wright-directed Simon Pegg/Nick Frost pseudo buddy flicks Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, Spaced should sound familiar. The series aired on Channel 4 in the UK from 1999 to 2001, starring Pegg and Jessica Hynes nee Stevenson as Tim Bisley (named after Lobo artist Simon Bisley) and Daisy Steiner (named possibly after a German hippy), a mid-to-late 20-something non-couple living together in North London surrounded by a cartoonish cast of supporting characters, including the aforementioned Frost as Territorial Army outcast. The series is a beautiful mish-mash of zombie movies, comic fanboyism, rave culture, performance art, living on the dole, and so much more. It's also out now officially for the first time in the US as a 3-DVD set bustin' out with all kinds of special features, including - my personal weakness - dual commentaries on each episode, one from the original UK DVD release, and one special new one with guests like Patton Oswalt, Matt Stone, Kevin Smith and Quentin Tarantino.

If you've seen and loved the extremely visual style of Shaun and Fuzz, watching Edgar Wright's use of the camera as a character on the small screen is a great experience. Spaced has all the kinetic energy of his blockbusters squeezed into a million dollar budget.

Last, but not least on Spaced's list of virtues is it's relatively brief run. They made only 14 episodes over two seasons. On one of the commentary tracks, Wright and the cast lament the failings of the British television industry in that respect. They feel that the wheels don't turn fast enough to sustain a show the way it would run in the States. That's exactly why I like it. It's the same reason that I love the British Office, but haven't gotten around to cracking into any of the - I looked this up(!) - 65 episodes that have been stamped out of the US version. I'm sure it's good, but people should know when to let a good thing be.

So, anyways. Pick it up. Spaced, that is. It will be well worth your time.


Olympic Fever 8.11.2008

GNC 8.11.2008 Hour One
GNC 8.11.2008 Hour Two




Uke Falls

Power Today!
Elvis Presley

That's Alright

"68 Comeback Special
Radio Sampler
set break


Steph Taylor
and the State Of

Anything For You
/Helmet and Sword

Live on WMNF
The Music Tapes


Music Tapes for
Clouds and Tornadoes
The Music Tapes

Freeing Song for Reindeer

Music Tapes for
Clouds and Tornadoes
set break
Okkervil River

Bruce Wayne Campbell,
Interviewed On The Roof Of
The Chelsea Hotel, 1979

The Stand-Ins
Onion News

Olympic Fever

Susumu Yokota

Golden Years

Life Beyond Mars
Bowie Covered
set break

(You Are My) Hellfire

Feral Children

Spy/Glass House

Second to the Last Frontier
The impossible shapes


The Impossible Shapes
set break
Crystal Stilts

Crystal Stilts

Alight of Night

Salt in the Wound


To Harm

Your New Boundaries
set break
Y'all is Fantasy Island

With Handclaps

With Handclaps
The Jam

Art School

In The City

Rocket Sled / Fuel Tank

Mr. Machinery Operator
The Jam

Art School

In The City
set break
Brazilian Girls

Lazy Lover

Brazilian Girls
The Dark Romantics




Nuggets II
set break
Parts and Labor

Nowheres Nigh



Feel Good Music


New Live Session: Steph Taylor and the State Of

Steph Taylor and the State Of

Today, Side Door Session engineer-at-large Stephen Hammill and I were at the WMNF Live Music Studio at the behest of Psycho Realms hosts Elder Sign and Arth Mawr recording a performance by Primitive Astronuats that will be airing this Sunday night. After the Astronauts wrapped up, Stephen and I cleaned up the studio and were mixing down the session tracks and burning CDs, when WMNF volunteer Cameron knocked on the door to tell us that the next band was here. Wait, there was no next band, so there must have been some mistake, or more specifically, a series of miscommunications. The host of the Saturday Asylum, Scott Imrich, was running late, and hadn't realized that Miami's Steph Taylor and the State Of would be performing live on air. Since we were already there and in a recordin' mood, we said "come on in". I was also pretty excited to get to throw some mics on the relatively under-utilized grand piano that sits in the Mike Eisenstadt Studio. Right from the beginning, Steph and her drummer Nabedi put a smile on my face with their sound check run-throughs of "Linus and Lucy" and "Everything In It's Right Place".

Since it was a live broadcast, and we wanted to give them a chance to plug their show at Skipper's tonight, the set is a brief, two-song medley. The tunes are from the album Between Ground and Sky.

Steph Taylor and the State Of - Anything For You/Helmet and Sword(mp3)

They will be coming through again at the end of August this time playing in St.Petersburg, before sling-shotting across the Midwest during September.





Grow me a Fish 8.4.2008

Frank Kalan

Corey Feldman

GNC 8.4.2008 Hour One
GNC 8.4.2008 Hour Two




Okkervil River

Lost Coastlines

The Stand-Ins

Grizzly Bear

Two Weeks


set break


The World is Awaiting


Erkey Grant
& The Earwigs

I'm a Hog for You

English Freakbeat Vol. 6


You Were Too Old For Me

I Was Raised On Matthew,
Mark, Luke & Laura

set break

J Davey

Divisions Of Joy

The Beauty In Distortion

Dr. Dog



Onion News

Olympic Trap


set break


Hate It Here


Brendan Canning

Hit The Wall

Something For All Of Us

Cansei de Ser Sexy

Rat is Dead


set break

The Mars Volta

Cygnus....Vismund Cygnus

Frances The Mute

set break

Charles Bradley
& The Bullets

Now That I'm Gone

Daptone 7 Inch Singles Comp

Okkervil River

Pop Lie

The Stand-Ins

set break

Head Of Femur

Isn't It A Shame

Great Plains




Ford & Fitzroy

Buzzard Country


set break

Margot & The
Nuclear So And So's

My Baby
(Shoots Her Mouth Off)

The Daytrotter Sessions

Onion News

Office Politics


Pink Floyd


Piper at the Gates of Dawn

set break




New Bloods

Oh, Deadly Nightshade!

The Secret Life


Item of Note


Former guests on Grand National Championships and all around Good Eggs Palantine have finished at least half of their 3rd album, Melee, and they're celebrating this feat by making some tunes available for download. One of these, we have for you right here:

Palantine - Evil Genius (mp3)

See. Told you. Check out their site for more, and check out their CD release show, October 18th at the New World Brewery.


Seven reasons to listen to music in 2008 (Part One - Albums)

We here at Grand National Championships don't believe in being negative just for the sake of being negative. There is too much good music out there to waste any time slaggin something off for not being up to your standards. If it doesn't work for you, it will work for someone. More power to you if it's you. You just might not be allowed to ride in my car.

That being said, I felt like making a roundup of the albums that I've been loving the most so far this year. If it came out near the end of last year, it can still qualify. I'm not too picky about that kind of stuff. Next week we'll have a list of some of my favorite individual songs this year. That one could take a while........lotta songs around.

School of Language - Sea From Shore
David Brewis from Field music made this album by himself for the most part. You can definitely sense parallels between this music and the work of his other band, but these songs strike out with a sharper edge than most Field Music tunes. His brother Peter Brewis' band, The Week That Was, also has an album coming out later this year that will doubtless spend more than it's fair share of time playing on my player, playa.

Dr. Dog - Fate
Dr. Dog is blessed. They're blessed with competent musicianship. With a wonderful sense of harmony and rhythm. They're blessed with two distinctly talented vocalists, one who sings with timid precision, the other usually belting in the style of Paul McCartney on "Oh! Darling". They're blessed with the ability to inject life into music that sounds instantly familiar, no easy task. Don't be misled by overly self-conscious music reviewing corporations, this album is the best thing to come out of Philly since Willy Smith shouted "Smell ya later." Plus, over at iTunes, Fate is cheap and comes with 2 non-album bonus tracks and a great video of the band performing "From" live in studio. Do yourself a favor.

We Versus the Shark - Dirty Versions
My friend Corin and I traveled to Athens, GA on November 20th, 2004, to see the fellows from Faraquet playing at the 40 Watt in their brand new band, Medications. It was the first time they had come so far south, and though we had gone to Washington to see them earlier in the year, we were unsure of how long this party would be going on, and wanted to soak in as many of their live performances as possible.

Two local bands played with Medications, We Versus the Shark, and Cinemechanica. I bought the Sharks' first CD, Ruin Everything!, that night. It was full of twitchy, funky guitar work, and super tight rhythm that was very cognizant of open space and completely incapable of spending more than 8 measures in 4/4 time, very much in my wheelhouse at the time, and still today it sounds fresh. Repeated listenings have not dulled it's impact very much, because there's so much damned stuff in there to learn with every go round.

I've only spent a couple of weeks with Dirty Versions so far. The reason this album is on this list is that I can already tell from the limited time I've invested that I'm excited about learning all it's dark recesses and wrong turns the same way I did last time.

Sigur Ros - Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust
The opening song on Sigur Ros latest release is an amazing listen. It's called "Gobbledigook" and it contains more joy and kinetic energy than anything I've heard from them since Agætis Byrjun. This band, known for composing the empty spaces between the notes more so than the notes, has traded in, briefly, their life-affirming bombast for what sounds like actual life.

Don't get me wrong, I love Sigur Ros' life-affirming bombast, too. That certainly hasn't gone away. Hearing it next to this earthier, more immediate side of the band makes it all the better.

Pattern is Movement - All Together
This is the best album of modern Royal Court Music I've heard in some time.

The Mae Shi - Hlllyh
These guys like to yell. It often coincides well with their noisy-ass music.

The Oaks - Songs for Waiting
Unfortunately, Orlando's The Oaks have been saddled with the tag of Message Band. Because of founding members Ryan Costello and Matt Antolick's social activism and their pledge to donate to Afghan refugees half the sales of their first album, Our Fathers and the Things They Left Behind, they were, from the start, perceived as putting the betterment of all mankind ahead of the sound coming out of your speakers. Songs for Waiting shows an incredible maturation not only in their songwriting, but also in their production. After learning to record as a duo while working on Our Fathers..., this collection shows that time was well spent, as Songs for Waiting closely details the interactions of an incredibly talented 6-piece band, all of whom play multiple instruments. It's a study in acoustics, rhythm, and texture, and it's perfectly beautiful.