The Curate's Egg 7.21.2008

Good...in parts.

I left the house today to play some music in the cavernous space next to Cafe Alma in downtown St.Petersburg. My band, Incredible Crisis, was invited to play as part of the opening of Carises Horn's art exhibition. I wish I had some examples of his paintings to share with you, but he seems to keep them off of the World Wide Tubes. His rigid line use nicely offsets the soft washiness of the watercolors he tends to employ in his work. Stop by Cafe Alma sometime in the next month to see what I mean.

As for our performance, we played as loud as we could. The acoustics of the alleyway made for some epic sounding vocals, but probably made us sound a lot less crisp than we would like.
Also, the Best Song Ever this week is...

"Gobbledigook", by Sigur Ros
It is wonderful to finally hear the music that elves listen to when they get freaky. "Gobbledigook", when compared to the grandiosity of most previous Sigur Ros releases, does come across as a club banger. It's uptempo. It's got a hook, although this hook is sung in some strange invented language, in an odd time signature, and possibly, though not necessarily, pitch-shifted several octaves above where it was recorded. It's true greatness is in it's immediacy. The vocals are close mic'd and the toms sound almost as though they're being struck by your hands as you're listening.

The rest of the new album is very beautiful, but there's something about hearing this song, their greatest departure of late from their move towards a more orchestral sound, right at the very beginning. Maybe they're showing us that they are still able to occasionally plant their feet on the ground.

GNC 7.21.2008 Hour One
GNC 7.21.2008 Hour Two


Sam Cooke

Nothing Can Change This Love The Best of Sam Cooke
Lazy Magnet

Wilder Climes Is Music Even Good?

Lost Souls Lost Souls
set break
Violent Femmes

Country Death Song Add it Up
The Orb

DDD (Dirty Disco Dub) The Dream
set break
The Virgins

Rich Girl the virgins
Sigur Ros

Gobbledigook Med Sud I Eyrum
Vid Spilum Endalaust
set break
Field Music

Logic A House is Not a Home
The Rollers

Knockin' at the Wrong Door Eccentric Soul
set break
heavy creatures

Love Come Down The Cymbal and the Skull
The Black Mages

Opening /
Bombing Mission FFVII
Onion News

Death Penalty -
set break

Suicide in Progress Nude With Boots
set break

Cry, Cry, Cry Back From The Grave Part 4
The Unrelated

She's No Good Back From The Grave Part 1
Candy Bars

The Flood in Your Old Town On Cutting Tig-ers in half
and Understanding Narravation
set break

Smiley Smiley La Fin Du Monde
i make this sound

One, Two, Three! Staring at Yourself
Onion News

Iron Man Trailer -
Bon Iver

For Emma For Emma, Forever Ago
set break
Hurray for
The Riff Raff

Bricks It Don't Mean I Don't Love you
Everly Brothers

Bye Bye Love
Greatest Hits
Make Believe

Political Mysticism
Of Course
set break
Dr. Dog

Army of Ancients Fate
Elliott Smith

Strung Out Again From A Basement On A Hill


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