The Still-Beating Heart of the Cobra 6.16.2008

GNC 6.16.2008 Hour One
GNC 6.16.2008 Hour Two

Dr. Dog
Everybody's favorite band, Dr. Dog, is back with a brand new album. Fate will be dropping on July 22nd, but we have a couple of tracks in our playlist this week. "The Old Days" is a Scott McMicken track (most lead vocals are handled by he and Toby Leaman) that makes we want to cry it's so good. There's just something about that 2" tape that tears the soul right outta me.

In some All Things Must Pass news, Sam from We Versus the Shark has tendered her resignation. She reports:

Recent disagreements over the musical future of WVTS has led me to think that I'm no longer meant to be in this band, and I've decided that now is the best time to close this chapter of my life. Understand that there are no hard feelings between bandmates, in fact, the Shark will continue on as a triumvirate, and has my support until the very end. Expect great things to come from these three, as they are incredible musicians with great passion in the music they write and play.

The spazzy rock world is short one playa today. I'll tip one in her memory as though she were a dead homie. Sam's last show with the Sharks will be Saturday, June 21st at Athfest w/Cinemechanica and Centro-matic.



Scentless Apprentice in utero

Nude With Boots Nude With Boots
set break
Vampire Weekend

Oxford Comma Vampire Weekend
Jacques Dutronc

Je Suis Content 60s Freakbeat - French Psychedelia
Maps and Atlases

Every Place is a House Tree, Swallows, Houses
set break
Dr. Dog

The Old Days Fate

Locks in Shadows A Sectioned Beam
Wolf Parade

California Dreamer At Mount Zoomer
set break

Kim & Jessie Saturdays=Youth
set break
Loose Fur

Hey Chicken Born Again in The USA
Modest Mouse

Bury Me With It Good News For People
Who Love Bad News
set break
The Concert Report

- -
Field Music

Tell Me Keep Me Field Music
King Khan and his Shrines

Welfare Bread -
set break
Violent Femmes

Crazy Single
Gogol Bordello

Start Wearing Purple Gypsy Punks: Underdog
World Strike
set break

Lightening Rod, Run The Runners Four

Black Rice Women
set break
minus story

Little Wet Head No Rest For Ghosts

Flood Bubble And Scrape

A Glass Can Only Spill What It Contains Brother, Sister

Underdog Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
set break

Theme flash gordon OST
Dr. Dog

The Old Days Fate