Tune In This Monday Night

Opportunities for You, The Listener
This week we'll be giving away copies of Ghostland Observatory's (above) latest opus, Robotique Majestique, and a CD by Atlanta's Spy for Hire, the title of which I am, as of yet, unsure.

In addition to these lovely goodies, there are a pair of tickets each for the aforementioned Spy for Hire's appearances w/ James Hall on 5/29 at the Push Ultra Lounge in St. Pete, and w/ James Hall and Nine Volts on 5/30 at Crowbar.

In Other News
One Ring Zero, the plucky, accordion-lovin' ethno-pop outfit, has announced a contest. Wouldn't YOU like to design the cover of the new live album by ORZ?
In just a matter of months One Ring Zero will release a new live album titled "Live At Barbes." While it would be easier for us to just hire a designer to create the cover art, we knew it would be much more fun to make it into a contest. That is, YOU get to design the cover! Think One Ring Zero in front of millions of fans at Wembley. Think One Ring Zero in front of two cows on a farm. Think accordions, claviolas, and theremins dangling from mannequin strings. Get the idea? A panel of expert judges (consisting of band members and friends) will decide on the winner. The lucky winner will receive an honorarium of $100 and, of course, the design will be used and credited with your name in the actual physical CD as well its digital likeness.
So don't hesitate. Get your creative on. Further contest specifics can be found at their website.