Live Performance - Palantine (10.1.2007)

1 This is Something
2 Tri-Tone
3 Market Me
4 Not a Campaign

I scarcely knew the fellers from Palantine when they came to the WMNF studios to play some songs for us. Jerrad and I were covering a shift for Kamran on a Sunday night. After I had agreed to come in whilst Kam attended to some obligation or another, he mentioned casually that there would be a band coming in to perform live. This terrified me, having never hosted a live performance. Fortunately, my good friend Stephen Hammill reassured me that this could be easily pulled off, and that he would come in and engineer the whole affair.

I'm glad I didn't let the fear get the best of me. The guys were super cool and their playing was "wicked awesome", as the NKOTB might put it. They've got a Page-Hamilton-singing-for-Nirvana kinda thing going on. Also, some of the prettiest guitars this side of the Mississip.

When I contacted Vinnie to secure permission to post these mp3s, he also sent me a link to this video from the session. Enjoy.