Waving Crystals 5.26.2008

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The Looking Glass
This is a telectroscope near the Tower Bridge in London. There is another at the Fulton Ferry Landing in Brooklyn, NY. Between them runs a tunnel of immense length. At least that's the explanation given by Paul St. George, the artist responsible for this installation. Something tells me there's more than just lenses and mirrors at work here. The gist of it is, you look in one end, and you see people looking back at you in slack-jawed wonder from the other side. Something in this object resonated deeply with me. It made me wish I had gotten to look into one as a kid.

Big ups to Brigid Ochshorn, who has been passing on to me many a great bunch of tunes as of late, including a new Limp Lungs cassette. Woot. Check out Brig's show on Thursday mornings, 4-6.

New Music
Spring is in full effect, and it's awful. I'm getting ready to spend the next 8 months sticky. Ratatat is doing their best to ease the pain. This is "Mirando" from the forthcoming LP3.

1 So It Goes
2 Can't Take It With You
3 Mullinax

Roppongi's Ace was the first band with whom I worked in the Live Music Studio at WMNF, assisting Stephen Hammill record them for air on Scott Imrich's Saturday Asylum. I'm not sure of the date exactly. It was sometime in February of 2007.

Wheezing and Honking
Here's a WAV file of Brian and I laughing about Jerrad hurting his neck shopping for a television: alstrlaugh.wav

The Show
Spring has sprung. Memorial Day weekend has been kind to Alastair and Jerrad. The guys are well rested and ready to share their gut feelings about the new Indiana Jones flick, steam-punk intercontinental communication, the limits of propriety vis a vis corporate mascots, and a boat load of good music, including School of Language, Ratatat, The Mae Shi, Santogold, The Black Keys, Brainiac, Man Man and more. Thanks for listening.





set break
School of Language

Marine Life

Sea From Shore
Michael Ian Black


I Am a Wonderful Man


set break


A Life Less Ordinary Soundtrack
The Black Keys

i got mine

Attack & Release

L.E.S Artistes

set break
Ghostland Observatory

Dancin' On My Grave

Robotique Majestique
The Flaming Lips


The Soft Bulletin
set break

Master Blaster/Contra

miracle fortress

Digital Love (Daft Punk)

set break

Go Freaks Go

Internationale EP
Wolf Parade

Dear Sons and Daughters
of Hungry Ghosts

Wolf Parade (EP)
set break
Spy For Hire

Friends And Neighbors

Speak In Numbers

Lake Of Fire

MTV Unplugged in New York
set break
No Age

Sleeper Hold

man man

Mister Jung Stuffed

Rabbit Habits
Mission of Burma

This Is Not A Photograph

The Definitive Editions Compilation
set break
Kids These Days

About Every 12 Hours

All These Interruptions
The Mae Shi

Leech And Locust



self titled
set break
Tapes n' Tapes

Hang Them All

Walk It Off


School of Language

One Other Thing

I finally got around to buying the School of Language album, Sea from Shore, and I've been patting myself on the back ever since. This band is the project of Field Music's David Brewis, and pulls off familiar tricks of melody and meter, but with a slightly harder edge than his previous band. I'll be playing plenty more of it in the coming weeks. Now I just need some material from David's brother (and fellow Field Musician) Peter's seperate project The Week That Was, and I'll be set.

I ran across this video of School of Language playing their first single at the Cake Shop in NYC. Some damned good audio going on there, even if the shot is a bit janky. David was joined on this tour by bassist Doug McCombs (Tortoise), and drummer Ryan Rapsys (Euphone)


Live Sessions - Jarvik 7 and King of Spain (5.17.2007)

Seamless Spotless Sidewalks

May 17th was the date of this year's WMNF Heatwave. As is standard form, Scott Imrich had some performers in to his Saturday Asylum program to give us a hot preview of the evening's festivities. Stephen Hammill engineered the sessions with my assistance.


Tune In This Monday Night

Opportunities for You, The Listener
This week we'll be giving away copies of Ghostland Observatory's (above) latest opus, Robotique Majestique, and a CD by Atlanta's Spy for Hire, the title of which I am, as of yet, unsure.

In addition to these lovely goodies, there are a pair of tickets each for the aforementioned Spy for Hire's appearances w/ James Hall on 5/29 at the Push Ultra Lounge in St. Pete, and w/ James Hall and Nine Volts on 5/30 at Crowbar.

In Other News
One Ring Zero, the plucky, accordion-lovin' ethno-pop outfit, has announced a contest. Wouldn't YOU like to design the cover of the new live album by ORZ?
In just a matter of months One Ring Zero will release a new live album titled "Live At Barbes." While it would be easier for us to just hire a designer to create the cover art, we knew it would be much more fun to make it into a contest. That is, YOU get to design the cover! Think One Ring Zero in front of millions of fans at Wembley. Think One Ring Zero in front of two cows on a farm. Think accordions, claviolas, and theremins dangling from mannequin strings. Get the idea? A panel of expert judges (consisting of band members and friends) will decide on the winner. The lucky winner will receive an honorarium of $100 and, of course, the design will be used and credited with your name in the actual physical CD as well its digital likeness.
So don't hesitate. Get your creative on. Further contest specifics can be found at their website.



Belated Playlist 5.12.2008

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GNC 5.12.2008 Hour One
GNC 5.12.2008 Hour Two




BlurMusic is my RadarMusic is my Radar (single)
We Versus The SharkThe Lament of Sue RichardsEp Of Bees Ep

Take The Whole Midrange And Boost It

Take The Whole Midrange And Boost It
set break
31KnotsDarling, IIt Was High Time To Escape
Black LipsVeni Vidi ViciGood Bad Not Evil
set break
The Jesus LizardMouth BreatherBang
MatmosExciter LampMatmos-Supreme Balloon
set break
Be Your Own PetWhat's Your Damage?Get Awkward
BeckThink I'm In LoveThe Information
The OaksMasoodSongs For Waiting
Concert Report--
set break
Led ZeppelinD'Yer Mak'erHouses of the Holy
Home MoviesFenton's Party - Part One-
The BreedersWalk It OffMountain Battles
Home MoviesFenton's Party - Part Two-
SpoonSomeone SomethingThe Way We Get By
set break
Black SabbathSweet Leafmasters of reality
WeezerDon't Let GoWeezer (Green Album)
BjorkI Miss YouPost
set break
Built To Spillcenter of the universekeep it like a secret
PixiesThe Sad Punktrompe le monde
set break
Super Furry AnimalsSidewalk Serfer GirlRings Around The World
Animal CollectiveWho Could Win a RabbitSung Tongs
Acho BrotherEn Guaynabo Y En CupeyMonkish



Shameless Plug

Ok, so there's a small amount of shame involved.

My band is called Incredible Crisis and we are playing in St.Petersburg this Thursday at PUSH Ultra Lounge. We're playing with Greymarket and Girls on Film. Come out and see us.



Pumping Fists - GNC 5.5.2008

GNC 5.5.2008 Hour One
GNC 5.5.2008 Hour Two

Radiohead was in town last night. It was everything one would expect from a Radiohead show. The music was fantastic (with the exception of some stumbles during "The Tourist"), and the lights were pretty. Problem is...a bunch of other people showed up. They must not have realized that it's me, not them, that has the special relationship with this band's music. Who exactly did they think they were?


By the way, I've added a slew of old podcasts. They now date back to May of last year, when Jerrad and I first started doing the show together. Our banter is, if possible, even more painful to listen to that it is now. The music, however is top notch. While going over the archives, I discovered a good number of fantastical tunes that I had forgotten about completely. You can find the playlists for those shows under the blog archives on the sidebar.


This week we got some brand shpankin' new Mates of State, the always French Stereolab, a Matmos cut from their newest Supreme Balloon, a solo Peter Moren tune, and another one from that danged fine new Portishead album. P.S: My ears are getting moist just thinking about the Wolf Parade album coming out soon.

In our new quest to get the very best bits of the show out of the way first thing, we spun a super-duper cool song by Pacific Express under our show opening. The only thing better than blowing our wad in the first 5 minutes is talking over top of that very same wad. Maybe next week we'll play the whole thing. It is RAW, with a capital everything.



pacific express

The Way It Used To Be

African Disco
set break

Messes Of Men

Brother, Sister
mates of state

My Only Offer

Re-Arrange Us

Three Women

Chemical Chords
set break


Matmos-Supreme Balloon
Talking Heads

Psycho Killer

CBS Demos


set break
peter moren

Social Competence

The Last Tycoon


Tres Bien

The Way We Know How

set break

Olympic Airways


Where I End and You Begin


The First Part

set break
Sonic Youth


If I Were A Carpenter
The Beauvilles


B-Sides and Rarities

The Way We Get By

Kill The Moonlight
set break
King Crimson

Three of A Perfect Pair

Three of A Perfect Pair
Jose Gonzales

In Our Nature

In Our Nature
Jimi Hendrix

Hey Joe

BBC Sessions
set break
Sam Cooke

Bring it on home to me

The Best Of Sam Cooke
Billy Bragg

You Woke Up My Neighborhood

Don't Try This At Home
The Thermals

No Culture Icons

More Parts Per Million
set break

In The Morning, Before Work

( The EP )
Wolf Parade

Call It a Ritual

At Mount Zoomer


Documentation of Our Greatness

Well...color us tickled!!

Today Jerrad and I attended the WMNF Volunteer Banquet. That's where the station says, "Hey, you. Yeah, you! You're doing a great job, and here are some trinkets to prove it."

One of the trinkets went to us. We were awarded Overnight Programmer[s] of the Year. This is the second time that Grand National Championships has been recognized in this capacity, and we could not be more honored, especially considering the number of other fine late-night programs who, in our opinion, have their ish together way more than we do. Thank you very, very much.


Live Performance - Palantine (10.1.2007)

1 This is Something
2 Tri-Tone
3 Market Me
4 Not a Campaign

I scarcely knew the fellers from Palantine when they came to the WMNF studios to play some songs for us. Jerrad and I were covering a shift for Kamran on a Sunday night. After I had agreed to come in whilst Kam attended to some obligation or another, he mentioned casually that there would be a band coming in to perform live. This terrified me, having never hosted a live performance. Fortunately, my good friend Stephen Hammill reassured me that this could be easily pulled off, and that he would come in and engineer the whole affair.

I'm glad I didn't let the fear get the best of me. The guys were super cool and their playing was "wicked awesome", as the NKOTB might put it. They've got a Page-Hamilton-singing-for-Nirvana kinda thing going on. Also, some of the prettiest guitars this side of the Mississip.

When I contacted Vinnie to secure permission to post these mp3s, he also sent me a link to this video from the session. Enjoy.


Everything seems fine now


The issues we were working through a couple days ago are no longer, or so it seems.

Here's a feed URL you can plug into your media player of choice:


To celebrate being operational at %100 of capacity, here's a live performance video of the best song I've heard in a long, long time.