Pipe Bomb Schematics 4.21.2008

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GNC 4.21.2008 Hour 1
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This week our good friend Matt Kannenberg joined us in the studio. Hopefully we can convince him to make this a regular occurrence.

We hung out a little late, as Ryan from the Pantless Extravaganza, which comes on after us, overshlept a tad. No worries though. If you'd like to hear the bonus edition of Grand National Championships, click that link above. There's about a half-hour of us before Ryan woke up -- everything after Add (N) to X on the Playlist.

Corridors of Excellence
This week's honoree is....

Tortoise - Standards
Released February 20, 2001
Thrill Jockey Records
thrill 089

1) Seneca
2) Eros
3) Benway
4) Firefly
5) Six Pack
6) Eden 2
7) Monica
8) Blackjack
9) Eden 1
10) Speakeasy

Good Musics

The show opened with a GREAT cover of "God Only Knows", by PDF Format. It alone is worth the price of admission, but there's oh so much more, including a brand smackin' new Make Believe song, and some live Arcade Fire.

The CD of the Week was The Black Hollies. Their severely drug-informed sitar-y rock was surprisingly awesome.

At the bottom of the first hour, we had a chat with the Gleaming Amoebas, sandwiched between 2 of the songs that they recorded for us in the Live Music Studio this weekend past. Thanks again to Stephen Hammill for engineering the sesh. Thanks also to the Amoebas for not laughing at any of my jokes.

PDF Format God Only Knows -
Belle & Sebastian Act Of The Apostle The Life Pursuit
set break
The Mae Shi Run To Your Grave Hlllyh
The Black Keys Remember When (Side B) Attack & Release
Dee Dee Sharp Nobody But You All the Golden Hits
set break
Gleaming Amoebas Siren Song Live at WMNF
Gleaming Amoebas Chit-chat with the band -
Gleaming Amoebas Tuesday Sway Live at WMNF
Animal Collective Cobwebs Water Curses
set break
The Black Hollies The Autumn Chateau Casting Shadows
Islands Waterloo Sunset -
set break
The Concert Report - -
set break
The Arcade Fire No Cars Go CBC Radio Session
Devo Time Out for Fun E-Z Listening Disc
James Brown Bring It Up -
Nick Drake Pink Moon Pink Moon
set break
Jonathan Coulton/Ellen McLean Still Alive Portal Soundtrack
Bright Eyes False Advertising Lifted Or The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground
Gleaming Amoebas Breedin' Like a Bum Railroad Live at WMNF
set break
tres bien Time for a Change Tres Bien
Make Believe Taste, Touch, Smell, Deceit, and Touch Going to the Bone Church
set break
Tortoise Eros Standards
Add (N) to X 'Total All Out Water' Loud Like Nature
Vampire Weekend M79 Vampire Weekend
set break
Pavement Spit on a Stranger Terror Twilight
Gnarls Barkley Going On The Odd Couple
Deerhoof Running Thoughts The Runners Four
set break
Budos Band Budos Rising Budos Band II
Durian Falling Asleep Sometimes You Scare Me