Live Performances

...and Other Good Things to Come

Soon, the site will be going through a revampulature, which is a word. The new look will include separate pages for downloads of Grand National Championships and live performances from artists that have visited the WMNF studios on our watch. Until that's done, look for both in the body of our posts. To keep me happy in the meantime, I'll be periodically putting up some sessions from the Mike Eisenstadt Live Music Studio at WMNF:

The Oaks recorded for Nell Abram's Sonic Detour on April 2nd of this year and played some songs from their latest album, Songs for Waiting, as well as one from their 2006 debut, Our Fathers and the things They Left Behind.

Since that album, they've grown from a two-piece, studio-tinkering type of outfit into a sextet, every member of which is a multi-instrumentalist. Their sound is rich and delicate, and constantly amazes me with it's patience and exacting orchestration. A lot of people I've talked to about The Oaks have brought up The Mercury Program and the undulating groove that they share. That's a fair comparison, but this band most definitely has it's own thing going on.

I will briefly beg you to listen to a few key points in these recordings: like when the electric piano, bells, and the whoop-whoop noise are all playing beneath the vocals in "Old Bones", or the tone of the acoustic guitar as "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" quiets down, and especially the opening of "Masood". That song wins Groove of the Year so far for me. Enjoy the set.