Do You Have YOUR Diddly Spleed? 4.7.2008

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Great show tonight. We engaged in discussion about the Hedgehog Event and the ShamWOW! guy.


Live Sessions
Keep an ear out for Acho Brother

Hector Mayoral and Zak Byrd have said that they will grace us with an in-studio performance some time in May. More details to be determined.

Keep April 21st free on your calendar, too. That's when the Gleaming Amoebas will be on Grand National Championships.


A new album for
The Corridors of Excellence:

Roger Joseph Manning Jr. - Logan's Sanctuary Released June 13, 2000
Emperor Norton
1) Islands in the Sky
2) Search for Tomorrow
3) The Game
4) Lara's Rainbow
5) Metropia
6) Pleasure Dome 12
7) Ian's Orbit
8) Escape
9) Endless Tunnels
10) The Silver Garden


Icy Demons Bunny's Tears of a Clone
set break
Broken Social Scene Kc Accidental You Forgot It In People
Can Don't Turn The Light On, Leave Me Alone Soundtracks
Wire two people in a room 154
set break
colin meloy Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect > Dreams (Live) Colin Meloy Sings Live! (Kill Rock Stars/ Stage Three)
Home Movies Bye Bye Greasy -
set break
I'm From Barcelona We're From Barcelona Let Me Introduce My Friends
Gnarls Barkley Who's Gonna Save my Soul The Odd Couple
French Kicks Abandon Swimming
set break
Renaissance I'm Dying Buried Alive renaissance
Wire The 15th On the Box: 1979
Spoon Jealousy Love Ways (EP)
set break
Seu Jorge Changes The Life Aquatic of Steve Zissou
The Concert Report - -
Jack Saint Monica Nosedive Is Dead
Don DiLego Falling Into Space Photographs Of 1971
set break
skull snaps it's a new day skull snaps
panda bear Im Not Person Pitch
Nirvana beeswax incesticide
set break
The Cyrkle Why Can't You Give Me What I Want Red Rubber Ball
Tommy James & the Shondells I'll Go Crazy Hanky Panky
The Blow Parentheses Paper Television
set break
Roger Joseph Manning Jr Search For Tomorrow Logan's Sanctuary
The Dillinger Escape Plan With Mike Patton When Good Dogs Do Bad Things Irony is a Dead Scene