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Bear vs Nature 4.28.2008

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GNC 4.28.2008 Hour 1
GNC 4.28.2008 Hour 2

Black Moth Super Rainbow Rollerdisco Dandelion Gum
We Versus The Shark Dirt in the Ground (Tom Waits) Murmurmur
Aloha Your Eyes Some Echoes
set break
Make Believe Ooo, Yum Going to the Bone Church
Bjork Wanderlust (Ratatat Remix) Wanderlust
Radiohead 15 Step In Rainbows
Yu Miyake Katamari on the Rocks Katamari Fortissimo Damacy
set break
Portishead Deep Water Third
Portishead Machine Gun Third
Architecture In Helsinski Tiny Paintings In Case We Die
Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings Something's Changed 100 Days, 100 Nights
set break
elf power Venus and Mercury -
Stevie Wonder Pastime Paradise Songs in the Key of Life
Frank Black Hermaphroditos Dog In the Sand Reissue
set break
Wolf Parade Call It a Ritual At Mount Zoomer
Fugazi Great Cop In On The Kill Taker
The Melvins Pearl Bomb Houdini Live
death from above 1979 You're Lovely (But You've Got Problems) Romance Bloody Romance
set break
pattern is movement Peach Trees All Together
The Mae Shi Pwnd Hlllyh
The Long Winters Pushover Putting The Days To Bed
The Magnetic Fields It's Only Time I
set break
Tapes 'n Tapes Le Ruse Walk It Off
Elbow An Audience With The Pope The Seldom Seen Kid
Bob Dylan Man of Constant Sorrow NO DIRECTION HOME
Born Ruffians Red, Yellow And Blue Red, Yellow And Blue


Pipe Bomb Schematics 4.21.2008

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GNC 4.21.2008 Hour 1
GNC 4.21.2008 Hour 2


This week our good friend Matt Kannenberg joined us in the studio. Hopefully we can convince him to make this a regular occurrence.

We hung out a little late, as Ryan from the Pantless Extravaganza, which comes on after us, overshlept a tad. No worries though. If you'd like to hear the bonus edition of Grand National Championships, click that link above. There's about a half-hour of us before Ryan woke up -- everything after Add (N) to X on the Playlist.

Corridors of Excellence
This week's honoree is....

Tortoise - Standards
Released February 20, 2001
Thrill Jockey Records
thrill 089

1) Seneca
2) Eros
3) Benway
4) Firefly
5) Six Pack
6) Eden 2
7) Monica
8) Blackjack
9) Eden 1
10) Speakeasy

Good Musics

The show opened with a GREAT cover of "God Only Knows", by PDF Format. It alone is worth the price of admission, but there's oh so much more, including a brand smackin' new Make Believe song, and some live Arcade Fire.

The CD of the Week was The Black Hollies. Their severely drug-informed sitar-y rock was surprisingly awesome.

At the bottom of the first hour, we had a chat with the Gleaming Amoebas, sandwiched between 2 of the songs that they recorded for us in the Live Music Studio this weekend past. Thanks again to Stephen Hammill for engineering the sesh. Thanks also to the Amoebas for not laughing at any of my jokes.

PDF Format God Only Knows -
Belle & Sebastian Act Of The Apostle The Life Pursuit
set break
The Mae Shi Run To Your Grave Hlllyh
The Black Keys Remember When (Side B) Attack & Release
Dee Dee Sharp Nobody But You All the Golden Hits
set break
Gleaming Amoebas Siren Song Live at WMNF
Gleaming Amoebas Chit-chat with the band -
Gleaming Amoebas Tuesday Sway Live at WMNF
Animal Collective Cobwebs Water Curses
set break
The Black Hollies The Autumn Chateau Casting Shadows
Islands Waterloo Sunset -
set break
The Concert Report - -
set break
The Arcade Fire No Cars Go CBC Radio Session
Devo Time Out for Fun E-Z Listening Disc
James Brown Bring It Up -
Nick Drake Pink Moon Pink Moon
set break
Jonathan Coulton/Ellen McLean Still Alive Portal Soundtrack
Bright Eyes False Advertising Lifted Or The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground
Gleaming Amoebas Breedin' Like a Bum Railroad Live at WMNF
set break
tres bien Time for a Change Tres Bien
Make Believe Taste, Touch, Smell, Deceit, and Touch Going to the Bone Church
set break
Tortoise Eros Standards
Add (N) to X 'Total All Out Water' Loud Like Nature
Vampire Weekend M79 Vampire Weekend
set break
Pavement Spit on a Stranger Terror Twilight
Gnarls Barkley Going On The Odd Couple
Deerhoof Running Thoughts The Runners Four
set break
Budos Band Budos Rising Budos Band II
Durian Falling Asleep Sometimes You Scare Me


Live Performance

1 Harriet
2 Tuesday Sway
3 Siren Song (Call Myself Young)
4 Breedin' Like a Bum Railroad
5 Eremite Pony

This weekend, it was our distinct pleasure to have the Amoebas in the WMNF Live Music Studio. They laid down 5 songs for us, including one new tune that's not even on their recent self-titled CD.

Do yourself a favor and download these songs. Listen to them closely. Take special note of the melodies that sneak out of the guitar lines and the Band-like groove that the guys occasionally let themselves lock into.

You can find these guys playing around downtown St.Pete fairly often. Ask them for a copy of their latest album, and you'll be glad you did.



Jumping the Gun

Check it out!!

Two hotly anticipated new albums have "broken street", as is the thing-to-do nowadays:

Going to the Bone Church
, by Make Believe, can be purchased on vinyl and as a digital download at the Flameshovel website.

And if'n you head to Hello Sir Records, you can get a copy of We Versus the Shark's latest, Dirty Versions. This release is not to be confused with the busy little Sharks' on-going Murmurmur cover project.

I've got my copies ordered. I encourage you to do the same.



New Promo/Corridors of Excellence

We've got a new promo for the show. Here's a link, if you'd like to listen.

Grand National Championships Promo - Receptionist


Carefully Planned

By the way, this week we inducted Faraquet into the Corridors of Excellence. No particular aspect of their work, just the whole she-bang.

The View From
This Tower
The Whole Thing Over
b/w Call It Sane

Split CD
Parakeet b/w
Um Die Ecke



Playlist for GNC 4.14.2008

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GNC 4.14.2008 Hour 1
GNC 4.14.2008 Hour 2

The Sheffields Plenty of Love -
Self Meg Ryan Breakfast with Girls
The Smiths This Charming Man Singles
set break
Palace Music Little Blue Eyes Last Blues and Other Songs
DJ Shadow This Time The Outsider
The 6ths All Dressed Up In Dreams Wasps' Nests
set break
The Kills Tape Song Midnight Boom
so many dynamos Home Is Where The Box Wine Is Flashlights
Radiohead Bangers and Mash In Rainbows
set break
Wilco Hate It Here Sky Blue Sky
Sam Cooke You Send Me The Best Of Sam Cooke
Air Sexy Boy (Live BBC 1998) Moon Safari (10th Anniversary Bonus Disc)
set break
Tortoise The Taut and Tame Millions Now Living Will Never Die
Islands Abominable Snow Arm's Way
The Concert Report - -
Tom Ze Gloria -
The Chasers Inspiration -
set break
Depeche Mode I Feel You Songs Of Faith And Devotion
Animal Collective Water Curses Water Curses
John C. Reilly Walk Hard Walk Hard
Aphex Twin Windowlicker Windowlicker
set break
Bad Brains Sailin' On Bad Brains
Elbow The Bones Of You The Seldom Seen Kid
Faster Than Eagles, Stronger Than Lions
Through the Belly of the Sea
Study in Movement
Split 7" w/Akarso
Jackson 5
My Cherie Amour



Live Performances

...and Other Good Things to Come

Soon, the site will be going through a revampulature, which is a word. The new look will include separate pages for downloads of Grand National Championships and live performances from artists that have visited the WMNF studios on our watch. Until that's done, look for both in the body of our posts. To keep me happy in the meantime, I'll be periodically putting up some sessions from the Mike Eisenstadt Live Music Studio at WMNF:

The Oaks recorded for Nell Abram's Sonic Detour on April 2nd of this year and played some songs from their latest album, Songs for Waiting, as well as one from their 2006 debut, Our Fathers and the things They Left Behind.

Since that album, they've grown from a two-piece, studio-tinkering type of outfit into a sextet, every member of which is a multi-instrumentalist. Their sound is rich and delicate, and constantly amazes me with it's patience and exacting orchestration. A lot of people I've talked to about The Oaks have brought up The Mercury Program and the undulating groove that they share. That's a fair comparison, but this band most definitely has it's own thing going on.

I will briefly beg you to listen to a few key points in these recordings: like when the electric piano, bells, and the whoop-whoop noise are all playing beneath the vocals in "Old Bones", or the tone of the acoustic guitar as "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" quiets down, and especially the opening of "Masood". That song wins Groove of the Year so far for me. Enjoy the set.



Do You Have YOUR Diddly Spleed? 4.7.2008

Download the Podcast:
GNC 4.7.2008 Hour 1
GNC 4.7.2008 Hour 2


Great show tonight. We engaged in discussion about the Hedgehog Event and the ShamWOW! guy.


Live Sessions
Keep an ear out for Acho Brother

Hector Mayoral and Zak Byrd have said that they will grace us with an in-studio performance some time in May. More details to be determined.

Keep April 21st free on your calendar, too. That's when the Gleaming Amoebas will be on Grand National Championships.


A new album for
The Corridors of Excellence:

Roger Joseph Manning Jr. - Logan's Sanctuary Released June 13, 2000
Emperor Norton
1) Islands in the Sky
2) Search for Tomorrow
3) The Game
4) Lara's Rainbow
5) Metropia
6) Pleasure Dome 12
7) Ian's Orbit
8) Escape
9) Endless Tunnels
10) The Silver Garden


Icy Demons Bunny's Tears of a Clone
set break
Broken Social Scene Kc Accidental You Forgot It In People
Can Don't Turn The Light On, Leave Me Alone Soundtracks
Wire two people in a room 154
set break
colin meloy Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect > Dreams (Live) Colin Meloy Sings Live! (Kill Rock Stars/ Stage Three)
Home Movies Bye Bye Greasy -
set break
I'm From Barcelona We're From Barcelona Let Me Introduce My Friends
Gnarls Barkley Who's Gonna Save my Soul The Odd Couple
French Kicks Abandon Swimming
set break
Renaissance I'm Dying Buried Alive renaissance
Wire The 15th On the Box: 1979
Spoon Jealousy Love Ways (EP)
set break
Seu Jorge Changes The Life Aquatic of Steve Zissou
The Concert Report - -
Jack Saint Monica Nosedive Is Dead
Don DiLego Falling Into Space Photographs Of 1971
set break
skull snaps it's a new day skull snaps
panda bear Im Not Person Pitch
Nirvana beeswax incesticide
set break
The Cyrkle Why Can't You Give Me What I Want Red Rubber Ball
Tommy James & the Shondells I'll Go Crazy Hanky Panky
The Blow Parentheses Paper Television
set break
Roger Joseph Manning Jr Search For Tomorrow Logan's Sanctuary
The Dillinger Escape Plan With Mike Patton When Good Dogs Do Bad Things Irony is a Dead Scene


Tell Us What It Smells Like 3.31.2008


Big exciting show this week. New musics from Tapes 'n Tapes, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Elbow and more.


The Gleaming Amoebas will be coming to play some music for us April 21st. I'm very excited.

If you haven't heard the Amoebas, they've got kind of a Pavement-y, Southern-y, Sebadoh-y, trio-y thing going on. I'll remind you more before the event.


On Air
I spent Wednesday evening helping Stephen Hamill to engineer a recording of The Oaks. It constitutes the second hour of Nell Abram's Sonic Detour program from Thursday the 3rd of April. I recommend that you check it out. Fantastic music from the Orlandostan 6-piece. They will be at the Crowbar on Friday night for their CD Release Party. Their latest is entitled Songs for Waiting.


The Corridor of Excellence...

...this week welcomes a single song.

Binger the Voyager - Joseph
from the album Sweet Taste of Nothing
Released September 28, 1999
Oxygen Music Works


Black Moth Super Rainbow Sun Lips Dandelion Gum
Tapes 'n Tapes Hang Them All Walk It Off
Michael Jackson P.Y.T. Thriller
set break
Caribou Melody Day Andorra
Mr. Oizo Krumpf #1
man man Easy Eats Or Dirty Doctor Galapagos Rabbit Habits
set break
Elbow Starlings The Seldom Seen Kid
Frank Black I Heard Ramona Sing Frank Black
The Jam Heatwave Setting Sons
set break
Goldfrapp Happiness Seventh Tree
Arcade Fire Keep The Car Running Neon Bible
Creedence Clearwater Revival I Put a Spell on You Creedence Clearwater Revival
set break
r.e.m. Living Well Is The Best Revenge Accelerate
tickley feather Natural Natural -
junior senior 'Boy Meets Girl' D-D-Don't Don't Stop The Beat
skull snaps I Turn My Back on Love skull snaps
set break
The Oaks Masood Songs For Waiting
Gleaming Amoebas Harriet Gleaming Amoebas
Neutral Milk Hotel Song Against Sex On Avery Island
set break
Sonic Youth The Empty Page Murray Street
Pedro the Lion The Fleecing Achilles Heel
Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin Boring Fountain Pershing
set break
Binger The Voyager Joseph Sweet Taste of Nothing
wye oak Regret If Children
set break
yellow sunshine yellow sunshine Conquer the World