Like Lollipops For Your Ears 3.24.2008

Good day.

Alright. First day back after the Spring Marathon. Thanks for welcoming us back with open arms.

Lots of tickies to shows this week. We should have more next week, and the week after that, etc. Watch this space in the coming days for further updates.

Loving the new Man Man track that we listened to tonight, "Mister Jung Stuffed". Other hot moves were presented by Spoon (spanking new b-sides from the "Don't You Evah" single), Icy Demons, Atlas Sound (both of whom have had albums out for a minute that I'm just now listening to), and Genghis Tron (who I would never have heard without our friend Aaron's urging...well done, sir). Too much sweetness to cover in one measly paragraph. Peruse the playlist and hit the link off to the right to hear the show in it's entirety.



Coming up in the next couple weeks, we're going to start hosting some live music performances. Most will be pre-records, but maybe we'll act like they aren't. Big propas to Stephen Hammill who will be helping us to bring these dreams to fruition by lending his engineering expertise. Looks like you're the man now, dog.

If anyone sees Dear + Glorious Physician, tell them I need to talk to them.


Ambitious Long-Term Project
In other news, get ye to Quote Unquote Records now, and pick up the first three installments of We Versus the Shark's cover album project, Murmurmur. They're free, don't you know, as will be the other nine in the series. You see, on the first of each month in 2008, they're posting a new cover of "other people's jams", some you might know, and some you might could don't know. So far, they've relayed their take on Pattern is Movement, Scratch Acid, and most ear-catchingly, in my opinion, Tom Waits. Now that your ear's been caught, you'll also want to keep an eye out for their next full-length album, due sometime this spring.


Obsolete Medium
This is my tape recorder. And no, it's not crooked. You're just holding your head at a funny angle.



And finally, beginning this week, near the end of each show we will induct one or two entrants to our Corridors of Excellence. Entry in the Corridors of Excellence is an honor that can be bestowed on any worthy song, album, catalog, commercial jingle, speech, sketch, snippet, or atmosphere that either Jerrad or I have found to be formative to our musical tastes, or that typifies a basic tenet of our philosophies, musical and otherwise. Some items will be added because the are very, very funny to us. Never forget those words, "to us". The point of this is to explore what it is that compels us in the sounds to which we're drawn. They're not being placed in any particular order. Eventually, we'll get to them all, I reckon.

The very first is....

The Sea and Cake - The Fawn
Released March 25, 1997
Thrill Jockey Records
Thrill 039
1) Sporting Life
2) The Argument
3) The Fawn
4) The Ravine
5) Rossignol
6) There You Are
7) Civilise
8) Bird and Flag
9) Black Tree In the Bee Yard
10) Do Now Fairly Well

atlas sound Recent Bedroom Let the Blind Lead...
set break
Burial Near Dark Untrue
Genghis Tron Arms Cloak Of Love
set break
Icy Demons Jump Off Tears of a Clone
man man Mister Jung Stuffed Rabbit Habits
Creation Painter Man Painter Man
set break
Spoon All I Got Is Me don't you evah
glass opening I'm on your Prey Girls in the Garage #1
Okkervil River A Hand To Take Hold Of The Scene The Stage Names
A.C. Newman Drink To Me Babe, Then The Slow Wonder
set break
Mission of Burma That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate The Definitive Editions Compilation
Miracles I Gotta Dance to Keep From Crying Compilation
set break
win win winter We Came From Stereos a brief history
andy partridge Sonic Boom fuzzy warbles Vol 7
Squarepusher 2 Bass Hit (dub) Budakhan Mindphone
set break
Soulphonics Still Feels Naturally Soulphonics
walter meego Forever Voyager
Medications ...Or At Least As Bad Your Favorite People All In One Place
set break
weather underground Neal Cassady Psalms and Shanties EP
Grizzly Bear While You Wait for the Others -
set break
We Versus The Shark You Don't Have To Kick It Ruin Everything!
Os Mutantes Quem Tem Medo A Divina Comedia Ou
set break
The Sea And Cake The Ravine The Fawn
Caribou She's The One Andorra
Dismemberment Plan Girl O' Clock Emergency & I
Thee Oh Sees Maria Stacks The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In