Important Announcement!!!

Good day.

It's good to be back. Both Jerrad and I are have recent been either planning to move or moving. Consequently, I've been neglecting site maintenance. Well, I'm all settled in at my new home, so it's about time I got things caught up here.

First of all, beginning Monday, March 10th, Grand National Championships will be on WMNF 88.5 FM from 11pm to 1am on Monday night. It's a shorter show than we've than we've been doing lately, and it's obviously at a much more palatable time for most people. What that means, I don't know, but we'll be packing as much quality into each square ounce as we can. Look forward to a healthy dollop of music, new and old, from all corners of creationdom. We'll also be featuring more live performances and interviews, featuring any artists or drifters that wander into our studios. As always, there will be robots involved.

Secondly, the Spring marathon is coming up. That's fundraising, that is, my good sir. It begins March 12th and our show will be pitching on Monday the 17th. Trying to raise fund for an unfamiliar time slot that has been lacking a permanent host for the better part of 4 months is a daunting task, and we call upon you, the common man/woman, to aid us in our hour of need. Your support is what keeps the station on the air. Please navigate to WMNF and follow the links to contribute to the station. Be sure to mention Grand National Championships in the comments, so's we gets credit for it. Our NKOTB status makes this particular edition of Marathon important for our little show. Help us keep our sliver of spectrum safe.

To everyone who's been supporting the show and everyone who is checking us out for the first time, thanks.

Here's a vid of The Gleaming Amoebas playing "Call Myself Young" at the Emerald Bar in downtown St.Pete.