Grand National Championships 3.10.2008

Help, that man is eating my lunar module!

Tonight was our first official 11 o'clock show, and we wanted to impress you so hard. I hope we lived up to the hype.

We listened to the world's creepiest ice cream truck jingle, learned what it takes to write a funny thesaurus, and heard new music from The Week That Was (Peter Brewis of Field Music), I Make The Sound, and Miracle Fortress, who laid down a wicked cover of "Digital Love" by Daft Punk. There was more, too, but you'll have to listen to find out exactly what.

Take a peep over in the Events section. We've added a link to our Google Calendar. It's by no means exhaustive, but it covers some of the good stuff.

Remember that the WMNF Marathon runs from March 12th to the 19th. We need your help. It's one of the couple of times of year that we need to beg your assistance. Please visit the WMNF website and follow the links to contribute. Make sure you mention Grand National Championships in the comments section.

Thanks as always. And tell a friend. If you want your email address added to our mailing list, drop us a line.

TMBG - They'll Need a Crane (1989)

Radiohead Down Is The New Up In Rainbows
set break
The Constantines Soon Enough Tournament of Hearts
Burning Airlines Deluxe War Baby Identikit
The Ruby Suns Tane Mahuta Sea Lion (Memphis Industries)
set break
A.C. Newman On The Table The Slow Wonder
the notwist Good Lies The Devil, You + Me
set break
Jim O'Rourke Fuzzy Sun Halfway To A Threeway
Miracle Fortress Digital Love -
Talking Heads The Book I Read 1977
set break
Orange Juice
Felicity Radio One Session
Helium Silver Angel The Dirt Of Luck
The Octopus Project Black Blizzard / Red Umbrella The Octopus Project - Hello, Avalanche
set break
They Might Be Giants They'll Need a Crane Lincoln
Panther On the Lam (Copy Remix) Panther
The National Apartment Story Boxer
set break
The Apples in Stereo Man You Gotta Get Up Electronic Projects For Musicians
i make this sound One, Two , Three! -
Born Ruffians Hummingbird Red, Yellow And Blue
set break
primus Too Many Puppies They Can't All Be Zingers- Singles
Soulphonics & Ruby Velle
Bump & Boogaloo Soulphonics
Tortoise Night Air s/t
set break
The Thermals An Ear For Baby The Body, The Blood, The Machine
Violent Femmes Country Death Song Add it Up
set break
The Week That Was The Airport Line -
The Diggs Brightness Falls Ctrl-Alt-Del
The Most Serene Republic A Mix Of Sun And Cloud The Most Serene Republic - Population


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