Classy, Donut? 3.17.2008


Well, this week's show was devoted to WMNF fund-raising. We didn't quite make our show goal, bringing in $630 out of the $1000 we were looking for, BUT WMNF as a whole raised over $503,000! That makes this the station's most successful drive ever! Thank you so much to everyone that called, wrote, and sent in checks via courier. Nice. Now we can relax until the fall. By then, hopefully we will have taken over enough of the world that raising a grand will be like, "psshhhh."

Because the show's focus was on tricking you out of your money, there is no playlist to speak of. You can listen if you'd like, using the link off to the right.

Oh also, although you seem to have made it here just fine, take note that the site can now be reached at www.grandnationalchampionships.com as well. It was available, and more precise, so why not?