Like Lollipops For Your Ears 3.24.2008

Good day.

Alright. First day back after the Spring Marathon. Thanks for welcoming us back with open arms.

Lots of tickies to shows this week. We should have more next week, and the week after that, etc. Watch this space in the coming days for further updates.

Loving the new Man Man track that we listened to tonight, "Mister Jung Stuffed". Other hot moves were presented by Spoon (spanking new b-sides from the "Don't You Evah" single), Icy Demons, Atlas Sound (both of whom have had albums out for a minute that I'm just now listening to), and Genghis Tron (who I would never have heard without our friend Aaron's urging...well done, sir). Too much sweetness to cover in one measly paragraph. Peruse the playlist and hit the link off to the right to hear the show in it's entirety.



Coming up in the next couple weeks, we're going to start hosting some live music performances. Most will be pre-records, but maybe we'll act like they aren't. Big propas to Stephen Hammill who will be helping us to bring these dreams to fruition by lending his engineering expertise. Looks like you're the man now, dog.

If anyone sees Dear + Glorious Physician, tell them I need to talk to them.


Ambitious Long-Term Project
In other news, get ye to Quote Unquote Records now, and pick up the first three installments of We Versus the Shark's cover album project, Murmurmur. They're free, don't you know, as will be the other nine in the series. You see, on the first of each month in 2008, they're posting a new cover of "other people's jams", some you might know, and some you might could don't know. So far, they've relayed their take on Pattern is Movement, Scratch Acid, and most ear-catchingly, in my opinion, Tom Waits. Now that your ear's been caught, you'll also want to keep an eye out for their next full-length album, due sometime this spring.


Obsolete Medium
This is my tape recorder. And no, it's not crooked. You're just holding your head at a funny angle.



And finally, beginning this week, near the end of each show we will induct one or two entrants to our Corridors of Excellence. Entry in the Corridors of Excellence is an honor that can be bestowed on any worthy song, album, catalog, commercial jingle, speech, sketch, snippet, or atmosphere that either Jerrad or I have found to be formative to our musical tastes, or that typifies a basic tenet of our philosophies, musical and otherwise. Some items will be added because the are very, very funny to us. Never forget those words, "to us". The point of this is to explore what it is that compels us in the sounds to which we're drawn. They're not being placed in any particular order. Eventually, we'll get to them all, I reckon.

The very first is....

The Sea and Cake - The Fawn
Released March 25, 1997
Thrill Jockey Records
Thrill 039
1) Sporting Life
2) The Argument
3) The Fawn
4) The Ravine
5) Rossignol
6) There You Are
7) Civilise
8) Bird and Flag
9) Black Tree In the Bee Yard
10) Do Now Fairly Well

atlas sound Recent Bedroom Let the Blind Lead...
set break
Burial Near Dark Untrue
Genghis Tron Arms Cloak Of Love
set break
Icy Demons Jump Off Tears of a Clone
man man Mister Jung Stuffed Rabbit Habits
Creation Painter Man Painter Man
set break
Spoon All I Got Is Me don't you evah
glass opening I'm on your Prey Girls in the Garage #1
Okkervil River A Hand To Take Hold Of The Scene The Stage Names
A.C. Newman Drink To Me Babe, Then The Slow Wonder
set break
Mission of Burma That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate The Definitive Editions Compilation
Miracles I Gotta Dance to Keep From Crying Compilation
set break
win win winter We Came From Stereos a brief history
andy partridge Sonic Boom fuzzy warbles Vol 7
Squarepusher 2 Bass Hit (dub) Budakhan Mindphone
set break
Soulphonics Still Feels Naturally Soulphonics
walter meego Forever Voyager
Medications ...Or At Least As Bad Your Favorite People All In One Place
set break
weather underground Neal Cassady Psalms and Shanties EP
Grizzly Bear While You Wait for the Others -
set break
We Versus The Shark You Don't Have To Kick It Ruin Everything!
Os Mutantes Quem Tem Medo A Divina Comedia Ou
set break
The Sea And Cake The Ravine The Fawn
Caribou She's The One Andorra
Dismemberment Plan Girl O' Clock Emergency & I
Thee Oh Sees Maria Stacks The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In



This week on GNC 3.24.2008

Good day. I've been crate diggin', so we're going to be hearing a healthy heaping of new music, both neu-new and old-new. I'm keeping the playlist close to the vest for the moment, but here are some hints:

A Soft Machinist
A Frozen Devil
The original Simeon Mobile Disco
and.....well, Andy Partridge


CD of the Week:

We've got a copy of this here Goldfrapp CD for a lucky listener...

No we don't!!! It turns out the Goldfrapp CD will be up for grabs at a later date, maybe next week. This week we will be getting a double bang of Win Win Winter. We have their new EP to give away...

Ticket Giveaways:
...and two pairs of tickets to the Win Win Winter CD Release at Crowbar on 3/30, also featuring Mouse Fire, Auto!Automatic!! & Mumpsy.

There could potentially be a pair of tickets to the Soulphonics show at the New World Brewery on March 28th, too. We'll see what's up on Monday night.

You have to be listening live to win, so hopefully we'll see you there.



Classy, Donut? 3.17.2008


Well, this week's show was devoted to WMNF fund-raising. We didn't quite make our show goal, bringing in $630 out of the $1000 we were looking for, BUT WMNF as a whole raised over $503,000! That makes this the station's most successful drive ever! Thank you so much to everyone that called, wrote, and sent in checks via courier. Nice. Now we can relax until the fall. By then, hopefully we will have taken over enough of the world that raising a grand will be like, "psshhhh."

Because the show's focus was on tricking you out of your money, there is no playlist to speak of. You can listen if you'd like, using the link off to the right.

Oh also, although you seem to have made it here just fine, take note that the site can now be reached at www.grandnationalchampionships.com as well. It was available, and more precise, so why not?



Grand National Championships 3.10.2008

Help, that man is eating my lunar module!

Tonight was our first official 11 o'clock show, and we wanted to impress you so hard. I hope we lived up to the hype.

We listened to the world's creepiest ice cream truck jingle, learned what it takes to write a funny thesaurus, and heard new music from The Week That Was (Peter Brewis of Field Music), I Make The Sound, and Miracle Fortress, who laid down a wicked cover of "Digital Love" by Daft Punk. There was more, too, but you'll have to listen to find out exactly what.

Take a peep over in the Events section. We've added a link to our Google Calendar. It's by no means exhaustive, but it covers some of the good stuff.

Remember that the WMNF Marathon runs from March 12th to the 19th. We need your help. It's one of the couple of times of year that we need to beg your assistance. Please visit the WMNF website and follow the links to contribute. Make sure you mention Grand National Championships in the comments section.

Thanks as always. And tell a friend. If you want your email address added to our mailing list, drop us a line.

TMBG - They'll Need a Crane (1989)

Radiohead Down Is The New Up In Rainbows
set break
The Constantines Soon Enough Tournament of Hearts
Burning Airlines Deluxe War Baby Identikit
The Ruby Suns Tane Mahuta Sea Lion (Memphis Industries)
set break
A.C. Newman On The Table The Slow Wonder
the notwist Good Lies The Devil, You + Me
set break
Jim O'Rourke Fuzzy Sun Halfway To A Threeway
Miracle Fortress Digital Love -
Talking Heads The Book I Read 1977
set break
Orange Juice
Felicity Radio One Session
Helium Silver Angel The Dirt Of Luck
The Octopus Project Black Blizzard / Red Umbrella The Octopus Project - Hello, Avalanche
set break
They Might Be Giants They'll Need a Crane Lincoln
Panther On the Lam (Copy Remix) Panther
The National Apartment Story Boxer
set break
The Apples in Stereo Man You Gotta Get Up Electronic Projects For Musicians
i make this sound One, Two , Three! -
Born Ruffians Hummingbird Red, Yellow And Blue
set break
primus Too Many Puppies They Can't All Be Zingers- Singles
Soulphonics & Ruby Velle
Bump & Boogaloo Soulphonics
Tortoise Night Air s/t
set break
The Thermals An Ear For Baby The Body, The Blood, The Machine
Violent Femmes Country Death Song Add it Up
set break
The Week That Was The Airport Line -
The Diggs Brightness Falls Ctrl-Alt-Del
The Most Serene Republic A Mix Of Sun And Cloud The Most Serene Republic - Population


Important Announcement!!!

Good day.

It's good to be back. Both Jerrad and I are have recent been either planning to move or moving. Consequently, I've been neglecting site maintenance. Well, I'm all settled in at my new home, so it's about time I got things caught up here.

First of all, beginning Monday, March 10th, Grand National Championships will be on WMNF 88.5 FM from 11pm to 1am on Monday night. It's a shorter show than we've than we've been doing lately, and it's obviously at a much more palatable time for most people. What that means, I don't know, but we'll be packing as much quality into each square ounce as we can. Look forward to a healthy dollop of music, new and old, from all corners of creationdom. We'll also be featuring more live performances and interviews, featuring any artists or drifters that wander into our studios. As always, there will be robots involved.

Secondly, the Spring marathon is coming up. That's fundraising, that is, my good sir. It begins March 12th and our show will be pitching on Monday the 17th. Trying to raise fund for an unfamiliar time slot that has been lacking a permanent host for the better part of 4 months is a daunting task, and we call upon you, the common man/woman, to aid us in our hour of need. Your support is what keeps the station on the air. Please navigate to WMNF and follow the links to contribute to the station. Be sure to mention Grand National Championships in the comments, so's we gets credit for it. Our NKOTB status makes this particular edition of Marathon important for our little show. Help us keep our sliver of spectrum safe.

To everyone who's been supporting the show and everyone who is checking us out for the first time, thanks.

Here's a vid of The Gleaming Amoebas playing "Call Myself Young" at the Emerald Bar in downtown St.Pete.


Grand National Championships 3.3.08

the big sleep undying love sleep forever
65 days of static install a beak in the heart that clucks time in arabic the fall of math
battles race/in mirrored
the photographic secure pictures of a changing world
dead meadows ain't got nothing old growth
The Constantines Shine A Light Shine A Light
set break
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks Dragonfly Pie Real Emotional Trash
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone Hearts Of Oak
Shark Quest Chicken Strings Man On Stilts
set break
Broken Social Scene Stars And Sons You Forgot It In People
Tortoise And Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Thunder Road The Brave And The Bold
set break
The Magnetic Fields California Girls The Magnetic Fields - Distortion
The Dismemberment Plan Gyroscope Emergency & I
31Knots Tower Of The Middle Of The Month A Word Is Also A Picture Of A Word
Elvis Costello Pony St. Brutal Youth
Zero 7 Destiny Simple Things (Bonus)
set break
The Oaks Here I am Again Songs For Waiting
Squarepusher Plaistow Flex Out Go Plastic
love like fire I Will -
Clutch Rats Transnational Speedway League
set break
Pixies bam thwok new single
The Beatles Dont Let Me Down Let It Be (Naked) rel Nov 2003
Vampire Weekend M79 Vampire Weekend
Dengue Fever Tiger Phone Card Venus on Earth
Los Campesinos! This is How You Spell "Haha ha, We Destroyed the Hopes and Dreams of A Generation of Faux - Romantics Hold On Now Youngster
set break
Ingrid Michaelson The way I am Girls and Boys
Spoon June's Foreign Spell Series of Sneaks
Ghostland Observatory Freeheart Lover Robotique Majestique
Murder By Death Fuego! Red Of Tooth and Claw
Yeasayer Germs All Hour Cymbals
set break
Badly Drawn Boy Once Around The Block The Hour of Bewilderbeast
Yes Roundabout Fragile
Talk Demonic Cascade Locks Beat Romantic
set break
Colour Revolt Moses Of The South Plunder, Beg, And Curse
The Diggs Anagrams Ctrl-Alt-Del
Super Furry Animals Let The Wolves Howl At The Moon Hey Venus!
Fruit Bats Silent Life Spelled In Bones
Archer Prewitt Way Of The Sun Wilderness

Grand National Championships 2.25.08

Cul De Sac The Portland Cement Factory At Monolith, California Ecim
set break
connie francis I Will Wait For You hits
Led Zeppelin Achilles' Last Stand Mothership
set break
jason collett Nothing To Lose Here's to Being Here
Monade Regarde Monstre Cosmic
King Of Prussia Terrarium Save Thee Scene
Palace Music Little Blue Eyes Last Blues and Other Songs
set break
Gomez We Haven't Turned Around Liquid Skin
Bon Iver Skinny Love For Emma, Forever Ago
Paper Airplanes Appalachia Boyhood
set break
the shakletons Tremble the shakletons
The Pillbugs 4 Sec Nightmare in a 5 Sec Dream Monclovia
Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings Tell Me 100 Days, 100 Nights
Okkervil River A Hand To Take Hold Of The Scene The Stage Names
Oxes Boss Kitty Oxxxes
set break
The Horrors sheena is a parasite Strange House
R.E.M. Supernatural Superserious Supernatural Superserious
The Jesus Lizard Monkey Trick Lash
Los Campesinos! Broken Hearts Sounds Like Breakbeats Hold On Now Youngster
set break
acho brother Mancha de Platano a beneficio de Marvin Santiago
Helene Smith True Love Don't Grow on Trees Eccentric Soul: The Outskirts of Deep City
Miles Davis Miles Runs The Voodoo Down Bitches Brew
set break
Sam Cooke Bring It On Home To Me The Best Of Sam Cooke
Yard Dogs Road House Blockhead -
candybars Works Cited On CuttingTi-gers in Half and Understanding Narravation
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks Cold Son Real Emotional Trash
set break
The Oaks The Attraction of the Pilgrim Songs For Waiting
Ghostland Observatory Dancin' On My Grave Robotique Majestique
The Mars Volta Cygnus....Vismund Cygnus Frances The Mute
When Tides Collide Cliff We Lifted UP (Into The Night)
set break
Joe Lally Scavengers Garden Nothing is Underrated
Bob Dylan Bob Dylan's 115th Dream Bringing It All Back Home

Grand National Championships 2.18.08

The Mae Shi Run To Your Grave Hlllyh
Shangri-La's Maybe -
Vampire Weekend Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa Vampire Weekend
set break
Keller Williams Freeker By The Speaker Laugh
The Buckinghams Don't You Care -
The Marketts Batman Theme -
travis Writing to Reach You The Man Who
set break
Trans Am I Want It All Red Line
The Lime Beautiful Day -
Tommy James & the Shondells I'm Alive -
Born Ruffians Hummingbird Red, Yellow And Blue
set break
The Helio Sequence The Captive Mind keep your eyes ahead
Chris Bartley The Sweetest Thing This Side Of Heaven Hard to Find 45's on CD: Sweet Soul Sounds
Smokey Robinson & the Miracles Tears of a Clown -
Loop Collision Wolf Flow
set break
The Magnetic Fields Please Stop Dancing Distortion
The Turtles Sound Asleep -
mahjongg Problems Kontpab
Figurines Drunkard's Dream When The Deer Wore BLue
set break
Stevie Wonder Don't Know Why I Love You -
Iggy Pop The Passenger About a Son
The Beatles You Can't Do That -
Nick Lowe So It Goes Jesus Of Cool 30th Anniversary Edition
Steam I've Gotta Make You Love Me -
set break
These United States First Sight A Picture of the Three of Us at the Gate to the Garden of Eden
Ohio Express Roll It Up -
- Cinderella -
Parts and Labor fractured skies mapmaker
Music Explosion I See The Light -
Smokey Robinson & the Miracles Promise Me -
Tom Waits 16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought-Six Swordfishtrombones
A.C.R.O.N.Y.M Field of Dreams -
Four Tops Until You Love Someone -
set break
Blitzen Trapper Wild Mountain Nation Wild Mountain Nation
Concert Report - -
Pixies Velouria bossanOVA
Radiohead Bangers and Mash In Rainbows
Joanna Newsom Cosmia Ys
Pere Ubu Babylonian Warehouses Why I Hate Women
set break
The Earlies No Love In Your Heart The Enemy Chorus
Les Savy Fav reprobate's resume go forth
Queens Of The Stone Age Hanging Tree Songs For The Deaf

Grand National Championships 2.11.08

alarma man -- --
Various Artists Hold The Line Look Directly Into The Sun: China Pop 2007
Otto Bob What's Happening In Pernambuco - New Sounds Of The Brazilian Northeast
set break
Clarence Reid Don't Be a Fool Eccentric Soul
Carrier Finally Over Water Carrier
The Mountain Goats San Bernardino Heretic Pride
set break
Isaac Hayes Something Stax Does The Beatles
Butter 08 Butter Of 69 Butter 08
set break
The Replacements Unsatisfied Let It Be
Born Ruffians Barnacle Goose Red, Yellow And Blue
The Jesus Lizard Gladiator Show
set break
british sea power Waving Flags Do You Like Rock Music?
Sigur Rós Agaetis Byrjun Hvarf/Heim
The Concert Report - -
set break
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin I Am Warm & Powerful Broom
Liars Houseclouds Liars
Jeff Buckley So Real Grace
set break
win win winter We Came From Stereos a brief history
otis redding Day Tripper Stax Does The Beatles
David Byrne In the Upper Room The Knee Plays
Led Zeppelin Rain Song The Song Remains The Same
The Pillbugs Hold Me So Near Monclovia
set break
The Rollers Don't Play With Fire Pt 1 Eccentric Soul
Vampire Weekend M79 Vampire Weekend
Liasons Dangereuses Los Ninos Del Parque Disco Not Disco III
The Billionaires Pass The Bottle Really Real For Forever
set break
Nada Surf Are You Lightning? Lucky (Advance)
Pedro the Lion Options Control
Okkervil River For Real Black Sheep Boy
The Apples in Stereo Same Old Drag New Magnetic Wonder
Belle And Sebastian Seeing Other People If You're Feeling Sinister
Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings How Do You Let A Good Man Down Naturally
set break
Rock Plaza Central Anthem for the Already Defeated Are We Not Horses
Bishop Allen Click Click Click Click Bishop Allen And The Broken String
Blair Mona Lisa pluto
set break
Miracle Fortress Little Trees Five Roses
The impossible shapes Florida Silver Springs -

Grand National Championships 2.4.08

Jimi Tenor Total Devastation Organism
Fugazi 'Bulldog Front' 13 Songs
Tomorrow My White Bicycle Nuggets II
set break
Vampire Weekend A-Punk Vampire Weekend
Arctic Monkeys Mardy Bum Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
Born Ruffians Knife (Grizzly Bear cover) -
King Of Prussia Spain In The Summertime Save Thee Scene
Blur Chinese Bombs Blur
set break
31Knots Everything In Letters The Days And Nights Of Everything Anywhere
Left Banke Goodbye Holly There's Gonna Be a Storm
Dead Milkmen Bitchin' Camaro Big Lizard In My Backyard
The Jesus Lizard Monkey Trick Lash
set break
Julie Doiron Don't Wannabe / Liked By You Woke Myself Up
Arcade Fire My Body is a Cage Neon Bible
Creation How Does It Feel to Feel Nuggets II
set break
Cat Power Metal Heart Jukebox
Neutral Milk Hotel Two-Headed Boy Part II In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Air Kelly Watch the Stars Moon Safari
El Ten Eleven Lorge El Ten Eleven
set break
Jonathan Coulton/Ellen McLean Still Alive Portal Soundtrack
Concert Report - -
The Village Green C'Mon The Village Green
Os Mutantes Bat Macumba Nuggets II
Cake Ruby Sees All Motorcade of Generosity
set break
Bjork Wanderlust Volta
Tricolor Thrive Mirth + Feckless
The Pillbugs Make Like Arthur Lee Monclovia
set break
the melvins Lizzy Lizzy (Maxi)
Radiohead Weird Fishes/Arpeggi Scotch Mist
Small Faces My Mind's Eye Nuggets II
set break
Nina Nastasia Brad Haunts A Party On Leaving
Nedelle Too Late Republic Of Two
The Owls I Want the Quiet Life of a Party Girl Owls
The Mars Volta Son Et Lumiere De-Loused In The Comatorium
The Mars Volta Intertiatic E.S.P. De-Loused In The Comatorium
set break
Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton Rowboat What Is Free To A Good Home?
The Raveonettes Blush Lust Lust Lust
The Finches Last Favor Human Like A House
Snowglobe Waves Rolling -
Gleaming Amoebas Harriet Gleaming Amoebas
The Shins Kissing The Lipless Chutes Too Narrow