Put Two and Two Together 12.4.2007

Keep dancin'.

Antibalas War Hero Security
They Might Be Giants Where Your Eyes Don't Go Lincoln
The Libertines Vertigo Up the Bracket
set break
Jackson 5 Who's Lovin' You Ultimate...
desert sessions 9/10 There Will Never Be a Better Time i see you hearin me
Led Zeppelin The Ocean The Song Remains The Same
Daft Punk Burnin' / Too Long Alive 2007
Beck Paper Tiger Sea Change
set break
booka shade Contact DJ KIcks/Brigitte Bardot
The Who Armenia City in the Sky The Who Sell Out
Stars Set Yourself On Fire Set Yourself On Fire
Shipwreck Backbone Rabbit In The Kitchen With A New Dress On
Yo la Tango I Wanna Be Your Lover I'm Not There OST
set break
The Lucksmiths There Is A Light That Never Goes Out Romantic and Square is Hip and Aware (A Matinee Tribute to The Smiths)
Roy Orbison I Never Knew The Greatest Hits
Antonio Carlos Jobim Tereza My Love Stone Flower
The Fiery Furnaces Paw Paw Tree Blueberry Boat
phoenix Everything Is Everything Alphabetical
set break
Geri X Hothead Can't Make You Happy
r.e.m. What's The Frequency, Kenneth? Live (Disc 2)
John Coltrane Giant Steps Giant Steps
Mark Eitzel Proclaim Your Joy The Invisible Man
Radiohead Trans-Atlantic Drawl Pyramid Song
set break
Behold... The Arctopus Sensory Amusia Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning
Spoon Jealousy Love Ways (EP)
Tower of Power What is hip Tower of Power
The Long Winters Pushover Putting The Days To Bed
Mike Baron Sunrise Sunrise Mike Baron
set break
Miles Davis One And One On The Corner
The Bicycles B-B-Bicycles The Good, the bad, and the Cuddly
The Bicycles Gotta Get Out The Good, the bad, and the Cuddly
The Magnetic Fields I Don't Believe You I
The Fuzztones Bad News Travels Fast Children of Nuggets
set break
Stephen Malkmus Maggie's Farm I'm Not There (Soundtrack)
Kenny and the Kasuals Journey To Tyme Nuggets II
Luke Temple Someone Somewhere Hold A Match For A Gasoline World
The Sights Circus Sights, The
Wolf Parade Killing Armies Wolf Parade (EP)
set break
Love As Laughter Dirty Lives Laughter's Fifth