We Keep Comin' Atcha 9.11.2007

We learned a little more about our co-host A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.'s past this week. Also, some great new songs from Calvin Harris, Animal Collective, the Black Lips, Figurines and Pinback.

Here's a nice clip of the Black Lips playing 'Boomerang' in Tijuana whilst spitting on the crowd and each other. Good thing their music is good. They seem like total bastards.

Isotope 217 Beneath the Undertow The Unstable Molecule
The Flaming Lips All We Have Is Now Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
Welcome All Set Untitled
set break
black moth super rainbow Sun Lips Dandelion Gum
Super Eagles Love's a Real Thing Love's a Real Thing comp
The Black Lips It Feels Alright Good Bad Not Evil
Elvis Perkins While You Were Sleeping Ash Wednesday
set break
Cinemechanica I'm Tired Of Paul McCartney The Martial Arts
Calvin Harris Colours I Created Disco
Figurines Drunkard's Dream When The Deer Wore BLue
set break
Pinback Barnes autumn of the seraphs
Mice Parade swing MIce Parade
NPR News
Ahleuchatistas The Bears Of Cantabria Shall Sleep No More Even In The MIdst
Animal Collective Winter Wonder Land Strawberry Jam
Little Milton Open the Door to Your Heart Stax O Soul
set break
The Apples in Stereo Energy New Magnetic Wonder
The Decemberists Red Right Ankle Her Majesty
the advantage Megaman II-Stage Select + Metal Man Elf-Titled
Pavement AT&T Wowee Zowee
Hightower Report - -
The Concert Report - -
Coastal Ukraine A Shoreline Dream
Field Music Tones Of Town Tones Of Town
minus story Mama Mama My Ion Truss
The Notwist
Pilot Neon Golden [Bonus Tracks]
set break
Of Montreal Know Your Onion (The Shins) Covers EP
Riddle Of Steel Deeper Still got this feelin'