Contraband/Ninja Gaiden Band 9.22.2007

Saturday, September 22nd is the date that Cinemechanica side-projects Contraband and Ninja Gaiden Band will be performing at the Georgia Theatre in Athens, with The Bronzed Chorus. The concept behind these bands, as well as Megaband (a performance of whose you can buy on the Cinemechanica website), is simple. They play the soundtracks to these NES classics while the game is being played live in it's entirety on a large screen behind the band. They play menu music, level music, boss music, the whole sh'bang. It's a sight to behold on many levels.

Jerrad and Alastair are going up with a gang of folks to represent the Bay Area. We'll try to snag some free booty. Maybe there will be some exciting prizes to give away to our beloved contributors come October 9th, the date of our upcoming fund drive. Unfortunately, A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. cannot join us, as his weight would make transportation prohibitively expensive.

Here is a live clip of Cinemechanica playing a new song - I believe it's called 'Rivals' - and a music video for 'I'm Tired of Paul McCartney'.

By the way, big respect to Jerrad, who made the new header art while his internet connection was on the fritz. XBox Live's loss is our gain.


a mustachioed listener said...

i must go to this. i will avoid death for the week in order to do so. after that i'll donate my body to wmnf...maybe they'll get some cash for it.

Elda said...

You write very well.