Powers from Athens, GA

I'm not actually done listening to it yet, but I must stop to insist that you go right now to Southern Shelter and download the 5 live tracks from Powers. They are a five piece band featuring members of We Versus the Shark (who has a new EP/DVD out), Cinemechanica, 300 Cobras, and Coulier. Four guitars and a drummer. If you're familiar with any of these bands, you know what this collaboration is capable of. The compositions are lovely, even if the recording is a little muddier than you would want it. The intentions of the music come across very well, all told. I can't wait to hear more from them.


The show this week featured brand new songs from the afore-mentioned We Versus the Shark, as well as some Les Savy Fav, Cass McCombs, and Robert Pollard.



Miles Davis


cellar door sessions

Ghost Towns

The Decemberists

The Engine Driver

set break
Arcade Fire

Cold Wind

Six Feet Under OST
We Versus The Shark

(After)life Things

Ep Of Bees Ep
Les Savy Fav

What Would Wolves Do?

Let's Stay Friends

Honey Bucket

Houdini Live
Burning Airlines

Outside the Aviary


You Made Me Like It

set break
Robert Pollard

Motion Sickness Ghost

Standard Gargoyle Decisions
The Apples in Stereo

The Rainbow

The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone

As You Wish

Or Give Me Death
The Postmarks

Weather The Weather

The Postmarks

Ninja Gaiden




Melody Day

Cass McCombs

That's That

Dropping the Writ

Public Witness Program

In On The Kill Taker
Friends Of Dean Martinez

All The Pretty Horses

The Shadow Of Your Smile
mist and mast

Glass Tiles

self titled
set break
Bishop Allen

Like Castanets

The Broken String
Hightower Report


Concert Report


The Rentals

Little Bit of You in Everything

The Last Little Life EP
Calvin Harris


I Created Disco
set break
Broken Social Scene

Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl

You Forgot It In People

Strange Lights


Good Stuff

Blitzen Trapper

Wild Mountain Nation

Wild Mountain Nation

Also, beeg props to our traveling companions on the trip to the Athens; Ryan, Corin, Aaron, Rich, and the lovely Janeen; and Mike from Cinemechanica who let 6 strangers sleep on his floor.


Contraband/Ninja Gaiden Band 9.22.2007

Saturday, September 22nd is the date that Cinemechanica side-projects Contraband and Ninja Gaiden Band will be performing at the Georgia Theatre in Athens, with The Bronzed Chorus. The concept behind these bands, as well as Megaband (a performance of whose you can buy on the Cinemechanica website), is simple. They play the soundtracks to these NES classics while the game is being played live in it's entirety on a large screen behind the band. They play menu music, level music, boss music, the whole sh'bang. It's a sight to behold on many levels.

Jerrad and Alastair are going up with a gang of folks to represent the Bay Area. We'll try to snag some free booty. Maybe there will be some exciting prizes to give away to our beloved contributors come October 9th, the date of our upcoming fund drive. Unfortunately, A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. cannot join us, as his weight would make transportation prohibitively expensive.

Here is a live clip of Cinemechanica playing a new song - I believe it's called 'Rivals' - and a music video for 'I'm Tired of Paul McCartney'.

By the way, big respect to Jerrad, who made the new header art while his internet connection was on the fritz. XBox Live's loss is our gain.


We Keep Comin' Atcha 9.11.2007

We learned a little more about our co-host A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.'s past this week. Also, some great new songs from Calvin Harris, Animal Collective, the Black Lips, Figurines and Pinback.

Here's a nice clip of the Black Lips playing 'Boomerang' in Tijuana whilst spitting on the crowd and each other. Good thing their music is good. They seem like total bastards.

Isotope 217 Beneath the Undertow The Unstable Molecule
The Flaming Lips All We Have Is Now Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
Welcome All Set Untitled
set break
black moth super rainbow Sun Lips Dandelion Gum
Super Eagles Love's a Real Thing Love's a Real Thing comp
The Black Lips It Feels Alright Good Bad Not Evil
Elvis Perkins While You Were Sleeping Ash Wednesday
set break
Cinemechanica I'm Tired Of Paul McCartney The Martial Arts
Calvin Harris Colours I Created Disco
Figurines Drunkard's Dream When The Deer Wore BLue
set break
Pinback Barnes autumn of the seraphs
Mice Parade swing MIce Parade
NPR News
Ahleuchatistas The Bears Of Cantabria Shall Sleep No More Even In The MIdst
Animal Collective Winter Wonder Land Strawberry Jam
Little Milton Open the Door to Your Heart Stax O Soul
set break
The Apples in Stereo Energy New Magnetic Wonder
The Decemberists Red Right Ankle Her Majesty
the advantage Megaman II-Stage Select + Metal Man Elf-Titled
Pavement AT&T Wowee Zowee
Hightower Report - -
The Concert Report - -
Coastal Ukraine A Shoreline Dream
Field Music Tones Of Town Tones Of Town
minus story Mama Mama My Ion Truss
The Notwist
Pilot Neon Golden [Bonus Tracks]
set break
Of Montreal Know Your Onion (The Shins) Covers EP
Riddle Of Steel Deeper Still got this feelin'


Terrifying Dust 9.4.2007

Nothing too new in the studio this week. The long labor day weekend has made us all complacent and fat. Lots of reliably good music to be heard, though.

Peep this flyer for the Riddle of Steel show. We must disclose, Alastair plays guitar in Life of Pi, one of the bands playing at this show, but there is documentation of our endorsement of Riddle, even when it was not in our interest. Check them out.

It seems that Akron/Family will be playing a free show at New College in Sarasota.....at 5pm on a Monday, September 10th, to be precise. This is what they look like playing a song called "Moment":

Nobukazu Takemura Sign Hoshi No Koe
set break
The Jai-alai Savant Thunderstatement Thunderstatement
A.C. Newman Drink To Me Babe, Then The Slow Wonder
Liars Freak Out Liars
Hot Hot Heat Bandages Make Up The Breakdown
Polvo Tragic Carpet Ride Celebrate The New Dark Age
set break
Kids These Days About Every 12 Hours All These Interruptions
Lilys With Candy Everything Wrong Is Imaginary
Thank God For Astronauts Vet Girls Bring Us Meat
Archer Prewitt Way Of The Sun Wilderness
Robert Pollard Supernatural Car Lover Normal Happiness
set break
Caribou Sundialing Andorra
Pere Ubu The Fevered Dream of Hernando DeSoto St. Arkansas
The Replacements Dose of Thunder Tim
Koufax 'Break It Off' Social Life
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks Water And A Seat Pig Lib
The Lucksmiths Broken Bones Why That Doesn't Surprise Me
Liz Phair Stratford-On-Guy Exile in Guyville
Loose Fur
Hey Chicken Born Again in The USA
set break
the jam 'And Your Bird Can Sing' Jam Covers
Bishop Allen The Monitor The Broken String
Hightower Report - -
new young pony club Get Lucky Fantastic Playroom
The Constantines Hotline Operator Tournament of Hearts
Justice Phantom Pt.II Cross
Forget Cassettes The Catch Salt
Broken Social Scene Stars And Sons You Forgot It In People
set break
Sigur Rós Untitled 4 ( )