Wales Needs Vowels 8.14.2007

Everyone should listen to Brigid's show, The Roundhouse. She's on Thursday mornings during the same time slot we occupy. Today is her birthday. Happy birthday, Brigid.


A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. says, "Send your haikus!"

Billions on my mind
Moneybags are too heavy
Buy a Nintendo

Planning scheming hate
Bringing havoc to our earth
He is Vanderslice

win many gold gloves
entertain with your back flips
eat nine fruits a day

One of these is about Ozzie Smith. Send in your guesses.


This week's first time plays presented by Alastair:

Some good stuff this week. I was especially taken with Child Bite. Their EP, Gold Thriller left me thinking about Burning Airlines and Mr.Oizo. I don't know how fair that is to these lads. It certainly doesn't take into account the spazzy vocals of Shawn Knight.

I knew I had heard of Oakley Hall before, but I couldn't for the life of me place the memory in context. It wasn't until I googled them that I realized I saw them open up for Bright Eyes in May.
I took my mother, who loves him...when he's not 'trying to be experimental'. We left early, having seen our fill, and walked slowly arm-in-arm through the empty lobby to the parking lot, pausing briefly while I played with the virtual fish pond projected on the floor.
My mother may or may not have said, "He is one with the animals," but it's the kind of thing she would say.


Black Before Red
Austin, TX


Oakley Hall
Brooklyn, NY


Child Bite
Ferndale, MI


Mass Shivers
Chicago, IL

Another good round of tunes. -Requests in italics

Justice Phantom Cross
The New Rags Surf Seven Seas Take Jennie To Brooklyn
Mass Shivers Downwind of Amour Ecstatic Eyes Glow Glossy
set break
Weezer Suzanne Mallrats - Soundtrack
Liars Plaster Casts Of Everything Liars
deerhunter Strange Lights Cryptograms
Miho Hatori Barracuda Ecdysis
Johnny Cash The Highwayman Cash the Legend
The Dirty Projectors What I See Rise Above
set break
The Jesus Lizard Boilermaker Liar
Mewithoutyou The Dryness & The Rain Brother, Sister
Child Bite I Like Friends Gold Thriller
Manic Street Preachers Your Love Alone Is Not Enough Send Away The Tigers
set break
archie bronson outfit Cherry Lips Derdang Derdang
Grandaddy Our Dying Brains Through A Frosty Plate Glass EP
Oakley Hall No Dreams I'll Follow You
Yu Miyake WANDA WANDA Katamari Fortissimo Damacy
Okkervil River A Hand To Take Hold Of The Scene The Stage Names
set break
The Decemberists July, July! Castaways And Cutouts
Can Tango Whiskeyman Soundtracks
Hightower Report - -
The Concert Report - -
Cibo Matto Birthday Cake Pom Pom: The Essential Cibo Matto
Black Before Red Underneath Gold Belgrave to Kings Circle
Super Furry Animals Ymaelodi A'r Ymylon Mwng
caribou She's The One Andorra
set break
The New Pornographers My Rights Versus Yours Challengers
Steve Burns Dead (TMBG) --
Make Believe Song About Camping Of Course

Here's that lovely D.A.N.C.E. video by Justice.