June 18th, 2007

Battles TRAS2 EP C
set break
Built To Spill Carry the Zero keep it like a secret
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club White Palms Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Daft Punk Aerodynamic Discovery
Belle & Sebastian Seeing Other People If You're Feeling Sinister
set break
Frank Black Threshold Apprehension Bluefinger
sigur ros Death Announcements And Funerals Angels of the Universe
Gob Tested Songs That Will Make You Cool
The Magic Numbers This is a Song Those the Brokes
Fridge Eyelids The Sun
set break
Jun Tidings and Blessed Bees Grind your Bones
Forget Cassettes Quiero, Quieres Salt
daniel johnston Fly Eye Continued Story
The Jayhawks Stumbling Through the Dark Rainy Day Music
Geri X Hallelujah Can't Make You Happy
Paul McCartney Man We Was Lonely McCartney
set break
Spoon Don't You Evah Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
Battles Race: In Mirrored
Hightower Report - -
The Concert Report - -
Shapes and Sizes Head Movin' Split Lips, Winning Hips, A Shiner
Beck Little One Sea Change
Blind Melon Galaxie Soup
Stars Your Ex-Lover Is Dead (Final Fantasy Mix) Do You Trust Your Friends
set break
elastica Line Up Elastica
Stereolab Barock - Plastik The First of the Microbe Hunters