June 11th, 2007

This was the big Mike Pat-straganza.

Faith No More Midlife Crisis Angel Dust
Mr. Bungle Everyone I Went To High School With Is Dead Disco Volante
set break
Tomahawk Birdsong Mit Gas
Mike Patton Porno Holocaust Adult Themes for Voice
Mike Patton "Fix It So The Bruises Don't Show" Adult Themes for Voice
Mike Patton Raped on a Bed of Sand Adult Themes for Voice
Mike Patton A Smile, A Slap in the face, A Fart, A Kiss on the Mouth Adult Themes for Voice
The Dillinger Escape Plan With Mike Patton When Good Dogs Do Bad Things Irony is a Dead Scene
set break
Kaada/Patton L'absent Romances
Fantomas 04/02/05 Saturday Suspended Animation
Fantomas 04/03/05 Sunday Suspended Animation
Team Sleep Kool-Aid Party -
set break
The Velvet Underground White Light/White Heat White Light/White Heat
Television Careful Adventure
Clang Tell Me I'm Wrong The Curse Of Clang
set break
Jennifer Gentle Take My Hand The Midnight Room
David Byrne & Brian Eno The Jezebel Spirit My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
Drugstore El President White Magic For Lovers
Handsome Furs Dumb Animals Plague Park
set break
minus story Aaron My Ion Truss
Battles Leyendecker Mirrored
Hightower Report - -
The Concert Report - -
The Horrors Count in Fives Strange House
set break
Robert Wyatt I'm a Believer Boxerpts
Plate Six Concrete Mouth Of Safety Battle Hymns For A New Republic
Of Montreal Good Morning Mr Edminton Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies, A Variety of Whimsical Verse
set break
Lilys With Candy Everything Wrong Is Imaginary
Cass McCombs Subtraction PREfection