Playlist 5-1-07


This picture makes me think of the cover of the Teddy Pendergrass album Joy. It, along with many other lovely snaps, was taken by someone who goes by Lawraa on flickr. Note to self: Play some Teddy Pendergrass next week.

Another show in the archives. Lots of new stuff. Some of which I hadn't actually heard until we played it over the airwaves. Listen here. You'll get to hear the wit and wisdom of Jerrad McLeod. Hopefully he will be joining me more often as well as helping me with production work for the show outside the studio. More on that to come.

One of my Fave Tracks was the second to last of the show. It's a shambly affair called "Anthem For The Already Defeated" by Rock Plaza Central. From what I've heard so far, they are a nice blend of old-timey textures with modern songwriting sensibilities. A lot of that going around nowadays. They are from the frozen tundra of the Canadas - Toronto, specifically. Their album is called Are We Not Horses and it's on Yep Roc. There are a whole mess of people in this band and they look like this, God help them.

Antibalas War Hero Security
britt daniel Bring It On Home To Me Bridging the Distance
set break
Elvis Perkins May Day! Ash Wednesday
Frog Eyes "Stockades" Tears Of The Valedictorian
The impossible shapes Florida Silver Springs -
set break
the Horrors Death At the Chapel ep
The Apples in Stereo Same Old Drag New Magnetic Wonder
moonbabies Take Me To The Ballroom -
Battles Race In Mirrored
Klaxons Atlantis To Interzone Myths Of The Near Future
set break
DJ Shadow Fixed Income The Private Press
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists The Unwanted Things Living With the Living
NPR newsbreak -- --
The Shaky Hands Summer's Life The Shaky Hands
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Took Out A Loan Baby 81
set break
The Sea And Cake Exact to Me Everybody
katie dill Body's Only Rental -
Creedence Clearwater Revival Born On The Bayou Chronicle, Vol. 2
set break
Hightower Report - -
sister vanilla slacker little pop rock
The Bad Plus Tom Sawyer Prog
white rabbits While We Go Dancing Fort Nightly
the advantage Solar Jetman-Braveheart Level Elf-Titled
Figurines Divided by the Shore Shake a Mountain
Rock Plaza Central Anthem for the Already Defeated Are We Not Horses
Blair Mona Lisa pluto