On This Training! 05.29.2007


Note: We do not condone the branding of Welsh Corgis in the manner seen above unless carried out strictly for commercial gain and/or social acceptance.

Here is a vid of Trans Am playing Positive People in Köln:

This edition of g.n.c. features Jerrad revealing his true sexist nature, the truth about the so-called superior sound quality of vinyl records, fake accents of various vague origins being employed at inappropriate moments, wacky Russian business schemes, and the opportunity to win a CD that you may or may not want or even like.

This is what it sounded like.

black moth super rainbow
Forever Heavy
Dandelion Gum
Mice Parade
Sneaky Red
Mice Parade
set break
Sexy Boy
Moon Safari
Pere Ubu
Two Girls
Why I Hate Women
Sunset Rubdown
They Took A Vote And Said No
Shut Up I Am Dreaming
Nosferatu Man
set break
Velveteen Pink
I Will Find You
Velveteen Pink
Aphex Twin
Heat Sink
set break
the horrors
Draw Japan
Mystery Jets
Inside Four Walls
Trans Am
Climbing Up The Ladder (Parts III And IV)
Sex Change
Field Music
Working To Work
Tones Of Town
Bob Dylan
Ballad of a Thin Man
Highway 61 Revisited
Not Too Amused
set break
The Thermals
How We Know
Fuckin A
Hightower Report
The Concert Report
Giddy-Up Helicopter
the life and death of aurora montgomery
Outrageous Cherry
Memphis Stereo
Stay Happy
The National
Mistaken For Strangers
The Black Lips
Los Valientes Del Mundo Nuevo
set break
LCD Soundsystem
New York, I Love You
Sound Of Silver
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
Timorous Me
The Tyanny of Distance


Talkin' Sports 5-22-2007

This is what Behold... The Arctopus looks like. These dudes make me wanna count. Their myspace page reports that they have been "...resurrected, reforged and fused into humanoid sculptures of might, wit, and fury". One might assume this means new material is in the works. Let cross our everythings and hope for the best.

Don't forget that we have a copy of the latest offering from The Show is the Rainbow. We attempted to give it away to a caller, but everyone that called refused to take it. If you like your music with lots of "fuck" in it, these guys are for you. Drop an email that expresses an opinion on music. The ones that entertain us the most will get some free stuff. We've got a few CDs and stickers and pins and what-not to give away.

Can Paperhouse Tago Mago
so many dynamos Search Party Flashlights
set break
Mary Timony Band Sharpshooter The Shapes We Make
Battles Race: In Mirrored
Bjork Wanderlust Volta
Squarepusher Don't Go Plastic Music is Rotted One Note
set break
Brazilian Girls All About Us Talk To La Bomb
Jackson 5 Who's Lovin' You Ultimate...
Sigur Rós Hjartad hamast Ágætis Byrjun
Wire French Film Blurred Chairs Missing
set break
Behold... The Arctopus Sensory Amusia Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning
NPR newsbreak -- --
Rock Plaza Central When We Go, how We Go (Part II) Are We Not Horses
Four Tet Skttrbrain (Four Tet Remix) Four Tet Remixes [Disc 1] Remixes
Al Green I'm Hooked on You Explores Your Mind
set break
Spoon The Underdog Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
Sonic Youth Skip Tracer Washing Machine
Love Alone again Or Forever Changes
Hightower Report - -
the show is the rainbow Safe Art the show is the rainbow
Franz Ferdinand The Dark Of The Matinee Franz Ferdinand
Pavement Stop Breathing Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
Acho Brother Path of Lonely Monkish
Voxtrot Firecracker Voxtrot

Playlist 5-15-07

Frank Black and The Catholics 1826 Black Letter Days
Midlake Roscoe The Trials Of Van Occupanther
Ensemble Proposal 7 Sketch Proposals
set break
Fugazi Last Chance For A Slow Dance In On The Kill Taker
Je Suis France 101 Miles And Runnin Afrikan Magik
Robbers On High Street Across Your Knee Grand Animals
Talking Heads Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) Remain In Light
set break
Battles Ddiamondd Mirrored
Battles Leyendecker Mirrored
Mary Timony Band Sharpshooter The Shapes We Make
giddy up, helicopter Song One i am secretary
Final Fantasy Flare Gun -
set break
Mice Parade Snow Mice Parade
Dungen Du Ska Inte Tro Att Det Ordnar Sig Tio Bitar
violent femmes Promise violent femmes
Calexico Ocean of Noise (Arcade Fire cover) -
Rufus Wainwright I don't know what it is Want One
Bjork Innocence Volta
set break
Belle and Sebastian It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career The Boy with the arab strap
Peel Moxy Blues Peel
Hightower Report - -
Jarvis Cocker Black Magic Jarvis
Pavement You Are A Light Terror Twilight
Portishead All Mine Portishead
Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins You Are What You Love Rabbit Fur Coat
set break
Dr. Dog ain't it strange We All Belong
Blur Out Of Time Think Tank
They Might Be Giants She's An Angel They Might Be Giants


Someone Shot the Food

Another one is in the bank, or tank, or book(s). We appreciate you stopping by the blog. You may have noticed a fancy-dancy new title bar. No big deal when you checkin' cheddar like we are.

The show was lovely. We got a solid Video Game Update from Jerrad and tons of new music, including some mewing from Minus Story(release date 6/19), a new Wilco(release date 5/15) tune, the tall, dangly Swedes of Dungen(pictured above...their album's already out), and a track from the forthcoming Bishop Allen album, Bishop Allen and the Broken String out on Dead Oceans on July 24.

This might help to clarify some of Jerrad's statements in the second half of the show pertaining to the odd numbering scheme employed in the translation of several Final Fantasy games.





Tout Se Complique


set break

Gör Det Nu

Tio Bitar

The Sea And Cake
Up on Crutches


Bishop Allen

Bishop Allen And The Broken String

Someone Something

The Way We Get By

set break

The Jesus Lizard


Arcade Fire
Keep the Car Running

Neon Bible

The Exploding Hearts
Modern Kicks

Guitar Romantic

black moth super rainbow
Melt Me

Dandelion Gum

The Rolling Stones
She's a Rainbow

Her Satantic Majesties Request

set break

Suzie Q Sailaway

Breakfast with Girls

Rufus Thomas
'Cause I Love You

Stax Box 1959-1968

Elvis Costello
The Other Side Of Summer

Mighty Like A Rose

set break

Nobuo Uematsu
Mystery Train

Final Fantasy VI - Grand Finale

NPR newsbreak


Flaming Lips
Waitin' For A Superman

The Soft Bulletin

These Days

Chelsea Girl

new juggler sound

Back to Peru - The Most Complete Compilation of Peruvian Underground

set break

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Underwater (You and Me)

Some Loud Thunder

Hate It Here

Sky Blue Sky

The Thermals
A Pillar Of Salt

The Body, The Blood, The Machine

Hightower Report


The Concert Report




Mice Parade
Sneaky Red

Mice Parade

minus story
Mama Mama

My Ion Truss

Field Music
Tell Me Keep Me

Field Music

Medeski, Martin & Wood
Sugar Craft


Neutral Milk Hotel
Holland, 1945

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Rufus Thomas
I Didn't Believe

Stax Box 1959-1968


Playlist 5-1-07


This picture makes me think of the cover of the Teddy Pendergrass album Joy. It, along with many other lovely snaps, was taken by someone who goes by Lawraa on flickr. Note to self: Play some Teddy Pendergrass next week.

Another show in the archives. Lots of new stuff. Some of which I hadn't actually heard until we played it over the airwaves. Listen here. You'll get to hear the wit and wisdom of Jerrad McLeod. Hopefully he will be joining me more often as well as helping me with production work for the show outside the studio. More on that to come.

One of my Fave Tracks was the second to last of the show. It's a shambly affair called "Anthem For The Already Defeated" by Rock Plaza Central. From what I've heard so far, they are a nice blend of old-timey textures with modern songwriting sensibilities. A lot of that going around nowadays. They are from the frozen tundra of the Canadas - Toronto, specifically. Their album is called Are We Not Horses and it's on Yep Roc. There are a whole mess of people in this band and they look like this, God help them.

Antibalas War Hero Security
britt daniel Bring It On Home To Me Bridging the Distance
set break
Elvis Perkins May Day! Ash Wednesday
Frog Eyes "Stockades" Tears Of The Valedictorian
The impossible shapes Florida Silver Springs -
set break
the Horrors Death At the Chapel ep
The Apples in Stereo Same Old Drag New Magnetic Wonder
moonbabies Take Me To The Ballroom -
Battles Race In Mirrored
Klaxons Atlantis To Interzone Myths Of The Near Future
set break
DJ Shadow Fixed Income The Private Press
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists The Unwanted Things Living With the Living
NPR newsbreak -- --
The Shaky Hands Summer's Life The Shaky Hands
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Took Out A Loan Baby 81
set break
The Sea And Cake Exact to Me Everybody
katie dill Body's Only Rental -
Creedence Clearwater Revival Born On The Bayou Chronicle, Vol. 2
set break
Hightower Report - -
sister vanilla slacker little pop rock
The Bad Plus Tom Sawyer Prog
white rabbits While We Go Dancing Fort Nightly
the advantage Solar Jetman-Braveheart Level Elf-Titled
Figurines Divided by the Shore Shake a Mountain
Rock Plaza Central Anthem for the Already Defeated Are We Not Horses
Blair Mona Lisa pluto