Playlist 4-3-07

Good day to you all!

Show was a bit sluggish today. I must apologize. That doesn't mean there wasn't an abundance of goodness to be had. One particularly tasty morsel was the track by Ravens and Chimes. They are a New York band whose singer may or may not affect an English accent. I don't have any problem with that anymore, having once known a fellow, or bloke if you will, that spent two weeks in Jolly Ole and decided that from then on he would speak like a posh British lady. No one really called him out on it. Some people wanted to, but by the time they got over the initial shock , it was several weeks later. What can you do at that point? Talk shit years after the fact, apparently. Sorry, _____, I should have told you what a douchebag you sounded like.

Here's what these crazy kids look like. All joking aside, "Saint Jude in the Village Voice" is a lovely song. And they have more of them on their album, Reichenbach Falls.

- Also, don't miss a chance to check out Tampa's favorite adopted sons,Riddle of Steel, bringing their uniquely powerful brand of three-piece rock to Crowbar this Saturday. They will be supported by Auto!Automatic!!, who have managed to integrate three seemingly incompatible hairstyles into a highly compelling post-something instrumental act. Well worth the price of admission right there, but show up early enough to check out History and City of Ships.

Here's the show. Skip the parts where I talk. I think I may have accidentally made light of spousal abuse at one point. Actually I think I made light of making light of spousal abuse, which is confusing, to say the least, but much better. Either way, The Crystals made me do it! Learn something here and think before you think about speaking.




Fit Song



Make Believe

Pat Tillman Emmet Till

Of Course



The Last Of The Rest Was The End

Your Favorite People All In One Place
set break
Melt Banana

Free The Bee

Peel Session
The Ponys

Double Vision

Turn The Lights Out
Miracle Fortress

This Thing About You


So Lonely

Outlandos D'amour
set break
Je Suis France

The Don't Work That Well For Us

Afrikan Majik
Jim O'Rourke

Ghost Ship in the Storm

Velveteen Pink

Girls Who Abuse

Velveteen Pink

Kentucky Isolation

Alexander & The Awful Horrible Day


NPR newsbreak


Smokey And Miho

Blue Glasses

Smokey and Miho
The Crystals

He Hit Me (and It Felt Like a Kiss)

The Best Of The Crystals
Au Revoir Simone

Sad Song

The Bird Of Music
ravens and chimes

Saint Jude in the Village Voice

Reichenbach Falls
set break
The Shins

Sleeping Lessons

Wincing The Night Away
Hightower Report


The Concert Report


jill cunniff

Happy Warriors

City Beach

The World is on Fire

This World is on Fire
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly

The Chronicles Of A Bohemian Teenager
set break
Blonde Redhead



Roll On (Ft. Jenny Lewis)

Dumb Luck
Fruit Bats

Born In The '70s

Spelled In Bones