So Many Dynamos

HORSE the Band
Heavy Heavy, Low Low
So Many Dynamos
Shed For You

Monday, March 19th
The State Theatre
687 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg
Tickets $10 in advance
$12 - Day of Show
Doors open 7:00PM

Next Monday St. Petersburg will be graced with a performance by St. Louis' So Many Dynamos (that's a palindrome, kids). I must recommend this show with everything I have. Their music is many things to many people. It can be twitchy and mathy, then funky and dancy. The comparisons to Dismemberment Plan cannot be ignored, but they are far less annoying, trust me. I have no particular soft spot in my heart for Travis Morrison. He never hurt me, but I guess I just didn't get it. So Many Dynamos, although direct descendants of that sound, meld their various influences into a stew that I find much tastier altogether. Check out their myspace page. It has some great songs on it for your perusal.

- In other news, as I promised on my show this morning, Stereogum is where you can go for some sweet remixes of Under Byen's "Af Samme Stof som Stof". Enjoy. More to come.