Show News

This week I will be doing the Wednesday morning edition of Pre-Dawn Alternatives. Alex Spoto has kindly agreed to swap days with me so that I might enjoy the So Many Dynamos show on Monday night at the State Theatre.

Alex just started doing his show in January of this year, but has already established himself as cool-in-my-book by wearing a Dr. Dog when we met. Good lookin' out. Alex. He also has a fantastic band called Roppongi's Ace, whose music I would recommend you give a gander. There are three guys in the band, and they're all in high school. They are, of course, well ahead of the curve. Nicely played, boys.

You can check out Roppongi's Ace and a pile of other acts, local and imported, at WMNF's 26th Annual Tropical Heatwave. I'd be lying if I told you that I was familiar with all of these bands, but you shouldn't take my word for it anyway. Make plans to come out. It's always a great party.

- In more pressing matters. Hella will be at Crowbar this Thursday with Dirty Projectors and Who's Your Favorite Son, God?. I stand by that punctuation.

It's one of those shows that you will regret not going to. Here is some data for you to process.

Hella - The Ungrateful Dead (mp3)