Shameless...when it comes to lovin' you.

The centerpiece of the show on Tuesday morning is planned to be an overview of the White Whale Records collective that operates out of Vancouver. They're now six acts strong, though Kids These Days is probably the most widely known of this group of groups, via their 2004 album All These Interruptions. We'll hear a touch of the unique styles and influences all these bands have incorporated into their work.

On a related note, I've decided to move to Canada and become a Domain Name Speculator. I figure they're going to get the internet there pretty soon, and I want to be in a position to capitalize on their relative ignorance. Just kidding, Canadian friends. I'm a big fan of our big white buffer to the north and plenty of music that gets spins on my listening devices originated out of the numb little fingertips of a Canuck.

Also, I'll have a CD to give away, which, I mentioned before, will now be an email contest. This week it is Lilly Allen's newest, entitled Alright, Still. All entries are to be sent to here.

The body of the email should contain the following:

"Not enough people listen to ________."

The blank can be as many letters, words, or pages as you like. The most entertaining one wins.

And finally, I would be a poor band member indeed not to mention the two shows that my band has coming up this week (Thursday and Friday, in that order). They are both in locations far from our normal stomping grounds, so if you can make it out, Dog bless you.