Long Distance Runner

Long Distance Runner is Kyle Briggs. Kyle lives in Portland, OR, where he moved from Santa Cruz in early 2005. Primarily a drummer, Mr. Briggs' proves just as adept at the performance and manipulation of gentler material. Even the most frenetic and twitchy moments of his debut EP The Fire Of Cumulative Hours still burble with an underlying warmth. The sounds at times seem to forget where they are and begin playing off of each other. A comparison to Four Tet wouldn't be completely out of place, but it doesn't get the whole point across.

If there's anyone that Long Distance Runner reminds me of, it's Lakitu, the be-spectacled little goblin that rides around in a smiling cloud dropping spiked balls onto Mario that hatch into not-particularly-aggressive but nonetheless dangerous little critters. Lakitu's mode of transport seems well-suited to the music on The Fire. It glides along at on pace with the landscape; then it hangs back, then races ahead and turns back on itself. Maybe it's more like the 3D Pipes screensaver than Lakitu. Maybe it's like a carousel seen from the top through a long tunnel. Listen for yourself.

-Speaking of EPs...I think I might also be a fan of The New Rags, who have recently released a six-track recording entitled Take Jennie to Brooklyn. Isn't it cute how they use the geographical reference? They are drum-and-keys duo from the aforementioned New York that list Ben Folds, Scott Joplin, and Jerry Lee Lewis among their influences.

Here is a video of theirs:
The New Rags - Surf Seven Seas

-In local news, I will give a shiny nickel to the first scamp crafty enough to get me a copy of the Zillionaire album. I feel it will be a good thing to have.