Playlist 3-27-07

Good day, sirs and madams. The show was wonderful this morning. I attempted to play a Dirty Projectors song a couple times, but instead it just skipped beautifully for a few seconds. Speaking of the Projectors, they were supposed to play with Hella at Crowbar this Thursday past, but had to postpone because a death in the family. Being such stand-up folks, they made up the show right away by taking part in the after-party following the Six Parts Seven show on Saturday. Well done.

- Also, if you will indulge a moment of shameless self-promotion, my band, Incredible Crisis is playing this here upcoming show:

We're playing with a couple of bands that we admire the Hell out of (my apologies, I meant, "a couple of bands out of which we admire the Hell"), namely Cinemechanica and Dear + Glorious Physician. That is not to say that we are not fans of the other bands, just that we are not nearly as well acquainted with their work. Perhaps after April 19th, we can make lofty claims as to their musical prowess as well. This will surely not be the last time I tell you about this event.

More news to come when I'm less tired. Here's what this morning's broadcast looked like from the inside.




Cafeteria Bananas


It Fit When I Was A Kid

Drum's Not Dead
panda bear

Take Pills

Person Pitch
set break
Cibo Matto

Sugar Water

Pom Pom: The Essential Cibo Matto

My Moon My Man (Radio Edit)

My Moon My Man
Frog Eyes

The Oscillator's Hum

The Folded Palm

War Hero

set break
The American Analog Set

Choir Vandals

Know By Heart

Concrete Love

Arcade Fire

My Body is a Cage

Neon Bible
sea wolf

Black Dirt

set break
Machine Go Boom


Music For Parents
Machine Go Boom

Dirty Pipes

Music For Parents
NPR newsbreak


Will Stratton


What The Night Said
Of God And Science

America's Queen

Of God And Science
Fairport Convention

The Deserter

Liege and Lief
set break
Bishop Allen


January EP
Luke Temple

Someone Somewhere

Hold A Match For A Gasoline World
luke temple

Saturday People

Jim Hightower Report


The Concert Report


LCD Soundsystem

Time To Get Away

Sound Of Silver

What a Fool Believes

the Horrors

Count in Fives

Count in Fives
Modest Mouse

March Into The Sea

We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank
set break
The Kinks

Last of the Steam Powered Trains

The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society

Merchants Of Soul

Gimme Fiction