Electro Wave 2007

Holiday is Ricky Seelbach. He doesn't smile much and he wears a cabbie hat. These transgressions are easy enough to forgive after listening to one of his live performances. Lots of funkacious Basstation lines and vocoder effects. I would highly recommend checking out some of his songs here. In addition, the event will be hosted by DJ Nave, who hosts the consistently eye-opening Vanity Corps. It airs 1am to 4am, Monday nights on WMNF. That's right before my show , by the way.

-This week is also a big one for AEStheticized. They have shows on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, featuring The Timversion, Cure for Caska, and Silversun Pickups, respectively. The show on Saturday, March 17th, will be at Crowbar, where we will also be entertained by Antelope, on Dischord Records.

Here is "Mirroring", from their 2006 album Reflector.

Check the AEStheticized page for all the details. I've only scratched the surface.