"'Don't throw anything you don't want eaten at him,' that's what they'll say. Like I could catch a racquetball out of the air in my teeth and chew it up. Effortlessly. Just chew it up and swallow it. Brillo pads, whatever. They'd have to be CG'd in, of course."
-Jerrad McLeod (on real life)

Top o' the morning everyone.

Just thought I would mention, in case you haven't heard of it yet, there is a tremendously worthwhile series of DVDs entitled Burn to Shine produced by Brendan Canty of Fugazi and Directed by Christoph Green. Each film is shot in a different city. So far, they've covered Washington DC, Chicago. and Portland; Seattle and Louisville are forthcoming. The deal is that a bunch of bands get together and play in a house that is about to be demolished by the fire department for training. Each band gets to put one song down. The results to date have been fantastic. Groups like Tortoise, Medications, Wilco, The Thermals, Sleater-Kinney, and many more have taken part.

Here is Quasi's performance of Peace and Love from the Portland edition.

Todays's program had a lot of lovely newness. Brand new stuff from Air, panda bear, Klaxons, Arcade Fire, and more, including the promised White Whale Records sampler. As per usual, we heard some commentary from Jim Hightower at the bottom of the second hour. Always thought provoking.

Also, take a listen to this track by Tiny Hawks when you have the chance. They are from Rhode Island, on Corleone Records and make some pretty good noise.

Here's how order broke down:




Space Maker

Pocket Symphony

panda bear

Comfy In Nautica

Person Pitch


Mpls Rock And Roll

The Lost Take

The Black Lips


Los Valientes Del Mundo Nuevo

The Thermals

St. Rosa And The Swallows

The Body, The Blood, The Machine

Long Distance Runner

After The Math

The Fire Of Cumulative Hours


The Things That People Do When They Think No One's Looking

There's No 666 In Outer Space-BSI Advance


As Above, So Below

Myths Of The Near Future

Tiny Hawks

Tornado Children

People With Out End

Kids These Days

Sink In Your Teeth

All These Interruptions

Castle Project

The Airways

Diaries of a Broken Heart

Precious Fathers

Prairie Train

Precious Fathers


Cave Smoking


Field Music

In Context

Tones Of Town

Gruff Rhys

Painting People Blue


The Innocence Mission

Into Brooklyn, Early In The Morning

We Walked In Song

The New Rags

Surf Seven Seas

Take Jennie To Brooklyn

Grizzly Bear

He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)

Live on KEXP

The Shins

Spilt Needles

Wincing The Night Away

Earl Greyhound

All Better Now

Soft Targets

Arcade Fire

The Well and the Lighthouse

Neon Bible

Dr. Dog

Worst Trip

We All Belong

The Parish Festival


Handshakes And Heartaches

Elvis Perkins

While You Were Sleeping

Ash Wednesday

The Earlies

No Love In Your Heart

The Enemy Chorus